The Science of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone assumes that a chocolate chip cookie isn’t hard to make. One can just put a few ingredients together and call it a day. Well, that’s not the case. There is a science behind baking. Rachel Harow, a mom of four, enjoys doing her best to make her children happy. By making cookies families can grow and build cherishable memories that last a lifetime.

By adding more flour to cookies, they are fluffier. In addition, they are denser and if are overbaked, can turn into hockey pucks. Next, there is a combination of granulated sugar. Just like normal sugar cookies, they are a lot softer to the touch and taste very sweet. If one uses brown sugar, which is highly recommended, the cookie may be smaller but much more enjoyable. That’s what bakeries tend to use when baking their recipes. Using baking soda can result in a bitter cookie. The chemicals will expand it a bit more and might have a longer shelf life. Also, baking powder can have a similar effect. Using both can create a magnificent tasting cookie however, using too much can ruin the whole batch. If the dough is chilled in the freezer or refrigerator for over twenty-four hours, it’ll be much easier to bake and it’ll have more structure. Rachel Harow recommends trying all of these recipes until the kids choose the perfect one.