Caring for the Male Reproductive System Naturally

The male reproductive system includes external organs like the penis, testicles and scrotum, as well as accessory glands like the seminal vesicles and vas deferens. All of them coordinate with each other to produce semen and testosterone. So, keeping the male reproductive organs healthy is crucial. This also helps with enhanced sexual pleasure. The male reproductive system can be exposed to many types of risks, including STDs. In fact, as of 2019, over 1 million sexually transmitted infections were acquired each day, according to an article by t he World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, lifestyle factors can hurt the system’s health.

Male enhancement pills can be a quick and simple way to improve reproductive health. Male Extra, for instance, made with 100% natural ingredients, helps improve fertility and sexual performance, according to experts at, an unbiased review site for male supplements. While boosters can ensure a remarkable change, here are some things you can try for added benefits.

Practice Safe Sex 

If you are not planning to start a family, make sure to use condoms every time. This can prevent the exchange of fluids between partners, according to an article on Better Health Channel. Although they are not 100% effective, condoms are the most effective means of safe sex, offering protection even against the risk of genital warts and herpes. Add to this the use of supplements, but only after you read their reviews, like those for Male Extra, to improve stamina for safe and healthy sexual performance.

Consider Male Supplements
Many pills act as a natural Viagra alternative to ensure greater sexual health. Clinically proven ingredients like zinc, cordyceps and niacin enhance blood circulation, improve sex drive and the quantity of sperms. Further, the right product can help in treating erectile dysfunction as well. Before consuming any pills, learn more about their ingredients, dosage & side effects, and check how does it work for the best results.

Hydrate Yourself 

The key to a happy reproductive system is keeping it well hydrated. Water will help your hormones stay nourished, while promoting semen production. You will notice a significant difference, such as thicker and whiter fluid. If you wish to improve the sperm quality too, avoid dehydration at all costs.

Practice Better Hygiene 

Good personal hygiene can prevent germs and bacteria accumulation in the genitalia. Wash the area above and below your penis with warm water once a day. Avoid using scented soaps, sprays or creams. Clean under the foreskin too to wipe away any residue build-ups. Keep checking your penis and testicles to notice any unusual growths or abnormalities. It is recommended to not completely shave off the pubic hair, since pubic hair helps your stay warm and clean, according to an article on Men’s Journal

Consult Your Doctor
Male Extra reviews say that the pills prove effective in improving overall reproductive health. However, if you do face any sexual issues, it is best to consult a doctor. An overall check-up from time to time can reduce the risk of sexual complications. Diseases, if any, can be treated right at their onset. Lastly, make sure to get all your questions regarding reproductive health answered. 

A healthy reproductive system also depends on the right food, lifestyle habits and existing medical conditions. Make the necessary changes today for a pleasurable life ahead.