Best Plants to Have Indoors

Peace lilies are some of the best plants to keep indoors. This is because they are very malleable and can survive under some of the worst conditions. If they are forgotten for a few days, they’ll survive. Another plant is an orchid. These are very luxurious and calming plants, which is why wellness activists like Helen Lee Schifter enjoy having them. They only require an ice cube or two, depending on the size of the stem. They can also be forgotten about but their beauty doesn’t let it show. 

Orchids also come in a variety of colors. Usually white and purple are the most traditional, but with the right florist, any color is imaginable. Monstera Deliciosa is a very well known indoor plant. The beautiful, big leaves are constantly growing and they take up a lot of space. This is recommended for homeowners that have rooms with immense amounts of sunlight and no pets. A little Pothos plant can really bring out any minimalistic features. This plant is perfect for apartments and small cottages. It can be used as a centerpiece or stored on a ledge. As the plant develops, it grows vines and makes for a gorgeous talking piece. Spider plants are also a great talking point because of their multi-colored leaves and long, spider-like structure. Those who enjoy South American plants should definitely invest in a spider plant. Also, they are pet friendly! Helen Lee Schifter loves filling her minimalist home with nature due to her Zen roots. If you’re interested in planting do some research and then go shopping for some green!