4 Fun Family Activities for Your Memorial Day Get-Together

Are you planning to have a small family get-together this Memorial Day but aren’t sure what activities will keep the whole family entertained and satisfied? Fear not, because even the pickiest family members are sure to love these four fun activities. 

Memorial Day is the perfect opportunity to gather together with loved ones, get outside toenjoy the warm and sunny weather, bond and just relax. As this year’s holiday weekend approaches and you begin planning your get-together, consider adding some of these fun activities to your agenda.

1. Have a Friendly Arts and Crafts Competition

If your family enjoys hands-on activities, why not get everyone involved in a friendly little arts and crafts competition? Grab some crayons, markers, blank paper, glitter, glue, and whatever other supplies you can get your hands on, and start getting creative. To add an extra competitive edge to your arts and crafts time, you can challenge everyone to finish their creation within a certain time period and offer a small prize for the winner. This activity is especially great if you have young children coming to your get-together – they’re sure to love getting their hands dirty!

2. Have a Potluck Cookout and Get Everyone To Pitch In

Does the idea of having to prepare a huge meal for the whole family stress you out? Try shifting your Memorial Day plan to a potluck style instead. You can still have a traditional cookout with the works, but by getting everyone to bring something along, you won’t be responsible for gathering and preparing all the dishes. You can have one person bring the hot dogs and hamburgers, another bring the buns or desserts and so on.

3. Set Up a Screen and Have an Outdoor Family Movie Night

For cinema fans, nothing beatsa good old-fashioned movie session. Since Memorial Day unofficially marks the start of the summer season, why not kick things up a notch and take that movie night outdoors? It’s easier than you might think to set up a special projector screen on the lawn for a family movie night under the stars. This is an especially fun idea if your family is planning a camp out! You can lay out some blankets, pop some fresh popping corn and grab a few treats to complete the cinematic ambiance.

4. Grab a Frisbee, Football, or Soccer Ball and Get Active on the Lawn

Do you have lots of sports fans in your family? Take that passion for physical activity to the backyard by starting up a friendly game of frisbee golf, football, soccer, or whatever else your heart desires. Sports activities are a great way to get everyone, old and young, participating and, as a bonus, you’re sure to work up a healthy appetite for the delicious cookout to follow!

Memorial Day weekends signify the start of the summer season, making them the ideal time to get outside and enjoy the newly warmer weather with your loved ones. Instead of going with the same old plans this year, try adding these fun, family-friendly activities to your list.