Why Patience is a Necessary Skill

How to Manage Stress More Effectively (and Why You Should)

Patience is one of the most important skills that a person can have and yet many people do not have it or understand the importance of having this skill. Shalom Lamm knows the importance of having patience and why this skill is valued. This is the importance of practicing patience according to Lamm.


Everyday life can be stressful. When even the little things do not go right it can be overwhelming. Stress is one of the worst things for a person’s health and yet many people feel they are not able to deal with the stress they face daily. Patience can help a person deal with stress. There is no reason to worry about the little things or the things that are beyond control. If a person practices patience they will not have to feel stress out all of the time. They can take back control in life.


There are going to be challenging situations in life. Some people are going to experience these tough situations in both their personal and their professional life. If they have patience when faced with challenges it will help them remain calm. If a person gets worked up they will have a hard time finding solutions to these problems. They will get tense and will not be able to think clearly. Having patience will allow them to take a step back and look at the situation logically. This will help a person find a way to handle it.

Show Respect

Shalom Lamm believes that if a person has patience in challenging situations they are showing respect to others even when times are hard. In return, they will get respect from other people. If a person is willing to listen to others without yelling at them or accusing them this will help out the situation. If they still have respect for others they will be role models and they will get respect back.

Develop Positive Attitude

If a person has patience they will develop a positive attitude. They will be able to look at the lighter side of things. They will know that there is nothing that cannot be solved and things will work out in the end. They will also use this attitude to help others. The positivity will show others that things are not so bad and there is a light at the end.

Improve Time Management

Time is important. If a person needs to slow down and get something done the correct way patience will allow them to do so. There may be some tasks that they can speed up and complete but others will take the full time and attention to get it down. Patience will allow a person to get done what they need to without taking shortcuts.

These are some of the reasons why it is important to have patience. Patience will allow a person to take control of a situation. They will reduce the stress levels in their life and will be able to find a logical solution to the issue at home.