Poor Posture Can Lead to A Decline in Wellness

As a result of hunching over constantly, many of us have a decrease in overall good posture. This is because when we lean over desks, work stations, and even standing we stretch our back in a negative direction. It becomes hard and even painful to continue doing our day to day tasks with bad posture. Wellness experts like Helen Lee Schifter use their expertise to help others straighten up their posture. 

Bad posture doesn’t happen overnight but it will feel like that. One day you’ll have fine posture and the next you’ll look in the mirror and your shoulders will look off. It can lead to scoliosis and severe back pain later in life. That’s why keeping our heads up and our shoulders back are very important. One can practice this by putting a stick horizontally between the elbows and walk around with it for a few minutes. One should automatically feel the difference. Posture can be fixed but it takes a lot of work. As humans, we tend to multitask which can lead some people to forget about fixing their posture. By setting reminders on phones, laptops, and planners there will be a constant reminder for anyone trying to better their posture. Experts like Helen Lee Schifter, encourage everyone to try it for the sake of their overall wellness.