Is a Healthier Lifestyle Superior

When experts debate if living healthily is as superior as eating and doing whatever one may want, they always have a controversy. People are encouraged to always live their lives to the fullest and adapt to a given environment to the best of their abilities. Yet, some still refuse to do certain acts of health because it’s not their lifestyle, per se. Well, Helen Lee Schifter, a professional in the world of health, proposes that by just adding one healthy task to a daily regimen, a person’s happiness can increase. 

It truly doesn’t matter who you are, what size you wear, or what you look like. Health isn’t about appearance. It’s about having strong mental wellness and building the body up to fight illness, injury, and anything else that may come its way. By drinking loads of water, eating at least one healthy meal a day, and regularly exercising, our bodies will be grateful.Exercise seems to scare many people because there is a correlation to stereotypes about working out. Luckily for you, the only body you have to worry about is your own, no one else’s. That being said, going on a walk, jumping jacks, doing some sit-ups are all exercises that are low impact and super beneficial to anyone. Helen Lee Schifter says adding some wellness into your life can be life-c