Helen Lee Schifter’s Take on Modern Wellness

In modern society, a lot of people are adapting to a meat-less lifestyle. Veganism has taken the world by storm and now there are more than ever. Due to COVID-19 vitamins and health supplements have also increased in sales. Everyone is doing their best to protect their bodies from any harm. With the virus still without a vaccine, medicine cabinets are being stocked up with whatever can be found in-store or online. However, Helen Lee Schifter, a wellness genus, has taken a slightly different approach to modern wellness. Of course, it’s important to take care of our bodies, but many individuals seem to forget to also take care of their minds. 

On Thrive Global, Helen expresses her compassion for helping people build stronger mindsets. As we transition into winter months, certain things other than leaves change. Seasonal depression happens to a large percentage of Americans. With that, our minds can become cloudy and unproductive. Schifter urges people to spend less time on their computers and more time enjoying nature. Although the seasons get gloomy and darker, there are infinite amounts of activities to do to keep spirits high.

With the virus still lurking in the shadows, our minds need to be on point to conquer any fears we may have about it. Gathering information from the media is important but also taking breaks from so much influence is also considered healthy. Schifter agrees that sometimes the best medicine is fresh air. By opening a window on a cool, brisk day can really help boost serotonin levels. Our brains malfunction without the right amount of oxygen. The more we stay cooped up on our phones, the worse back pains, headaches, and other avoidable illnesses will build up. 

Schifter also recommends reading books. A lot of modern books are now found online, on kindles, and other digital readers. However, they all have harsh lighting that can lead to severe headaches. By reading a book, the mind can escape and relax into an indulging story. Helen recommends books about mediation such as; Mindfulness In Plain English, 10% Happier, The Power of Now, Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics and The Mind Illuminated. All these give great insight into how mediation can increase wellness and help better structure your life.

According to Elle Decor, Helen confirmed that she also enjoys a minimalist lifestyle. By decreasing the amount of “stuff” laying around her home, office space, and even outside, she has kept a much clearer mind. By emptying her direct space, she finds it easier to meditate and separate herself from the hustle and bustle world we all live in. With modern wellness comes a lot of responsibility. When we are focusing on becoming healthier inside, it’s also important to be patient. Mindfulness doesn’t happen overnight. Schifter expresses that it took years for her mind to get to a healthy place. So much of modern media focuses on “ideal body types”, “what people should and shouldn’t wear” and so much other corrupt content that can pollute the mind. By reading into purposeless media, our minds forget what our true meaning is. Taking steps to have a healthier mindset include separation from toxic media outlets. They can be damaging to self-love and self-image. The most important message to take away is that every person, every mind, and every soul is beautiful. We all go through life changing events but they shape us to be who we are. By keeping a healthy mind and uplifted spirit we can conquer any negative thoughts or events that were to happen in the future. Helen suggests that a healthy mind can really help with so many other factors that are considered struggles.  In her discussion with PR NewsWire, Helen has pointed out that wellness takes a significant amount of adaptation and dedication. Bad days are bound to happen but prevailing, in the end, is always going to be worth enduring them. To be successful in a transition to a healthy mind one must decompress via mediation, reading, exercising, or being one with nature.