Going Green with Ken Kurson

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Renewable energy is quickly becoming a transformative and necessary part of our everyday lives. Many countries are trying to become as environmentally friendly as possible because the rate of fossil fuels is rising. In America,  many are purchasing homes that are solar powers, eclectic cars, and other geothermal ways to stay clean. Ken Kurson, a feature on PR Newswire, is looking forward to living a greener lifestyle. As he transitioned to being more environmentally conscious he became eager to share some advice for those just starting out. 

Recycling takes a few years to completely master. Americans go through millions of tons of plastic a year. Where does all this waste go? Not counting the non-compostable items attached to some plastic? It goes right into the ocean or into landfills. There are about 8 million metric tons of plastic in the ocean as of last year. Ecosystems are being destroyed and Kurson is passionate about doing his part to help. He started recycling years ago but really perfected it recently. Now, he buys as many paper products as he can. That includes plates, straws, brown paper bags, and other recyclable products. In addition, when going grocery shopping, he uses his own reusable bags. They are usually recyclable and can help reduce the amount of plastic bags used at stores. Just taking simple steps to help the environment can help save animals in the ocean who may be dying because of plastic.

Purchasing an electric car, like a Tesla, isn’t in everyone’s budget. However, if you have the financial ability to switch over, Kurson highly recommends it. Using petroleum in gasoline has increased fossil fuels in the world. Electric cars have the ability to use clean energy and reduce that number significantly. On California Globe, many articles can be found about why transiting to sustainable automobiles is so important.

Kurson has also eliminated purchasing any plastic water bottles. He uses metal water bottles, like Hydroflask, to quench his thrusts. Instead of buying Gatorade in plastic bottles, it can be purchased in powder form. That way, consumers can make it themselves and save on the amount of plastic used. In addition, installing a filter to tap can be an easy way to use sink water. Kurson also says that reducing the shower time to less than five minutes can save gallons of water.

Kurson is fortunate enough to grow his own vegetables. He highly enjoys spending time outdoors and with that, he loves to grow herbs. Some of his favorites include; basil, mint, thyme, and oregano. With any vegetables, he uses as much as he can and if any roots are leftover, he tossed them back into the soil to make some healthy soil. In addition, it helps with having zero waste. Anything he doesn’t eat, that can be composted, he does. Many Americans can easily compost if they so please but are just too busy for it. If everyone started composting, it would be equivalent to removing about eight million cars from the earth’s surface. That would make a substantial difference is the effects of fossil fuels.  As written about on HuffPost, personal choices can be altered to benefit the greater good of the earth. It’s frightening to think that in fifty years, the world can be damaged past the point of return. Ken Kurson is confident that if everyone works together to be more eco-friendly, positive results will occur. Shopping at thrift stores, putting up a bird feeder, and planting your own food is helpful to the environment in a multitude of ways. Kurson says that even purchasing paper towels can be negative to the environment because people can use reusable bags instead. With a world so open to change, it’s important to stand up for renewable energy.