Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary Despite COVID-19

The ongoing pandemic has restricted certain activities, which has affected our quality of life. Previous plans for weddings or anniversaries have to be modified, or completely changed.

At this point, you and your partner might be wondering how to celebrate your anniversary; it can be hard to think of ideas to make the day memorable as you’re restricted to your home and don’t have access to fancy places.

Anniversary Ideas

Fortunately, you can still make your anniversary special. This is the chance to focus on the special bond the two of you share, and the time you have had so far to spend time together. So, regardless of the pandemic, here are ideas to spice up the day. 

First of all, there are a million little ways to express love to your spouse. Figure out what their love language is, or what would make them feel special and loved on your anniversary, to make it more than special.

Breakfast in Bed

If your spouse is always the one to bring you breakfast in bed when given the chance, this is the day to return the favor. Set an alarm to sneak into the kitchen too early for your spouse to be woken up and realize you’re getting out of bed. Prepare their favorite breakfast, and whether it’s served in bed or at the table, they will be impressed and feel special.

Spend Quality Time Together

Sometimes it’s not the big things but the small things that make the most significant difference. You can set aside time to sit with your spouse somewhere quiet and peaceful where you can talk about how you met, the most romantic moments you’ve shared, or the positive moments that brought you good memories and laughter. Whether it’s stargazing at night, or taking a walk together during the day, it could also be the time to recognize the progress you’ve made, and to share your long-term goals, and aspirations from here on.

Learn Something Together

Make the time you spend together better quality by learning something new. It could be cooking a dish you both had at a restaurant and wanted to try at home; research some similar recipes online to make it as close as you can. 

For the best outcome, settle for something you’re both interested in, or support each other through personal interests. If you can’t decide on something, try something random that neither of you has explored before, whether that’s learning to play an easy song on a new musical instrument, or playing a new card game with each other.

Exchange Gifts

You can purchase gifts online as a surprise to your spouse. Make arrangements to have them delivered right to your door. In choosing a gift, go the extra mile, and refuse to settle for a mundane, or predictable item. Pick something that’ll remind your spouse of your efforts to care for each other through this challenging time.

Dress Up for a Candle Lit Dinner

You can still enjoy a candlelit dinner in the comfort of your home if you can’t go out. Dress up in your special dinner outfit and sit down to a hearty meal. You can even invite a few close family members over, and if you don’t want to cook or decorate for the evening, Marinaj Banquet and Events provides catering, service rentals, and decorations to help you set up the place.

What About the Kids?

With kids in the house, you may feel limited in what you can pull off to celebrate your anniversary. It’s essential to make them understand why it’s vital for the two of you to spend some time together. Hire a babysitter or request a family member to watch over the kids as you spend some time together.

Alternatively, you can incorporate them into the picture depending on the ages. They can help with cooking or decorating the house. They can also be very resourceful in helping you pick a gift or anniversary card for your partner. 

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to have some time with your partner to share deep conversations and to reconnect. Be open, and creative to ways of celebrating your anniversary where you can reaffirm your commitment to each other, celebrate how far you have come, and what you can continue to accomplish together.