Time for a National Conversation on Health and Wellness

Sexual Wellness

Helen Schifter has been a vocal advocate of the need to emphasize the importance of health and wellness over all else. This importance needs to be shared and communicated with the wider public. It is integral to the ability for us to have a broader conversation about health, wellness and the interest of improving our health – physically, emotionally, mentally and otherwise. There needs to be such a dialogue on a national scale in order to help improve the lives of so many who are presently neglected the issue, at their own peril, and to their own detriment.

Then there are experts like Helen Lee Schifter who have been adamant about the need for there to be fundamental changes in this space for a long time. This need is not new; it’s something that everybody knows exists, and there needs to be a remedy for. The need for a solution to the issue is something many are craving for; but that is not news, and is something that has been taking place for some time now.

But there must be a national conversation on health and wellness, and the need for it to be prized and valued over all else. There are all sorts of pursuits that are worthy of highlighting; that are noble and altruistic that people engage in. Those of course are not to be belittled or marginalized. Their importance and significance should be both recognized and appreciated. It’s important to give recognition to people that make strides and work on engaging the public in a conversation about health and wellness.

Financial constraints are no longer an excuse or a means of somehow devaluing the need for health and wellness to be taken more seriously. With restraint, yes. But it needs to be viewed through the broader lens and prism of the need for goodness to be appreciated and for the public to develop a debt of gratitude for it . There is no such sense of gratitude that presently exists; and that’s problematic for more than the obvious reasons.

Let’s have a national conversation of the need for us all appreciating health and wellness more. Let’s be sure to prioritize it . Our children and future generations deserve it . It’s the least we can do for them. Our parents and grandparents, and generations before us were sure to appreciate health and wellness and take it seriously. They did this with their diets; their fitness regimens, and all else. Now the baton is being passed on to us. It’s incumbent upon us to make a difference this way.