What is Sexual Wellness?

Sexual Wellness

When it comes to our bodies, no one knows it better than ourselves. This also goes for our sexual wellness. It doesn’t always have to be about you and your partner. There are ways to enhance it by yourself. Let’s define what sexual wellness is and go into a more detailed explanation of how it can be great for you and your partner.

Sexual wellness defined

Sexual wellness is defined as a state of mind and body. This will allow you to explore and enjoy sex at any given time (be it with your partner or yourself). A couple of the key pillars in keeping your sexual wellness in check is trust and comfort. 

Do you trust yourself? Do you trust your partner? Let’s ask the same questions again, but switch “trust” with “comfort”. 

If you trust yourself or your partner, then it’s easy to feel comfortable when it comes to exploring your sexual desires and keeping your overall sexual wellness in check. It’s important that you and your partner should communicate on a regular basis in terms of how you are being intimate with one another. 

Communication is essential, especially when you want to improve your sex life. If something is wrong, then it’s important to speak up. What you may have already noticed is that trust and comfort play a role when you are communicating with each other. 

An example of trust and comfort in communication

For example, what if you or your partner want to try new things to “spice up the relationship”? The idea of trying new things can be a little bit intimidating at first. So it’s important to talk about it first before you start. 

Trying something new without consulting with your partner first may lead to some “unwelcome surprises”. It may even dampen the mood and the intimacy might stop right there. When you communicate with your partner, you’ll learn what they are comfortable with. 

You’ll also learn what makes them uncomfortable. It’s important to respect your partner’s sexual boundaries. Just because someone told you that they enjoy one sexual activity doesn’t mean your partner will do the same. 

Your partner might think that it might be a little…say…” over the top”. If you and your partner are interested in trying out new things, there are plenty of items you can use that help you and your partner to dial up each other’s sexual wellness to a whole new level. Look up the best Sexologist near me for more info.

Consider what’s “good” and what’s “bad”

Continuing on with the communication aspect of sexual wellness, it’s important that you and your partner know each other as much as possible. Not just in the physical sense, but also as to whether or not what the boundaries are. For example, some people will have a sexual partner that won’t mind having sex without the use of a condom. 

However, it does come with its set of risks (including the high risk of contracting STDs and STIs and not to mention pregnancy). In other words, if you or your partner are uncomfortable with taking some risks it’s better to play it safe. At some point, they may be comfortable with that idea. 

But, some may take longer than others to warm up to the idea. In short, don’t rush into anything if you want to try something new. Plus, it’s better to respect a person’s boundaries than not doing so at all. 

It’s OK to “do it yourself”

If you don’t have a partner, that doesn’t mean your sexual wellness will suffer. For example, masturbation for both males and females can have excellent self-health benefits. One of the most common benefits is that it can improve sleep for those who are struggling with it. 

In males, males who masturbate regularly will see their likelihood of developing prostate cancer decrease considerably. Going solo to improve your sexual health can be easier for you. You trust yourself and you are more comfortable with yourself. 

Plus, the only person who you’ll be communicating with is you. It might be the easiest conversation you can have with yourself. 

Are you comfortable with what you are doing? Are you willing to try something new? Ask yourself these questions and figure out if improving your sexual wellness by trying out new things might be the answer. 

Ultimately, you may come to a point where being able to have an intimate relationship with a partner might be the better option going forward. 


Your sexual wellness is just a small building block of your overall wellness. Good sexual wellness will have its benefits and will improve your mood. Plus, you don’t have to have a partner in order to have excellent sexual wellness. There are those who will do just fine without a partner and still be able to improve their sexual wellness using some of our products.