A Partner in Weight Loss

Have you heard of Xenical before? Orlistat, also known as Xenical, has been showing up on your television screens promising weight loss. Yes, it’s one of those commercials with the laundry-list of legalese at the bottom of the screen but that doesn’t mean it’s neither safe nor effective. In fact, it’s both safe and effective. So, how do Xenical weight loss pills really work anyway?

Health and Weight

It’s a general rule of thumb that human beings gain weight each year if they don’t actively and deliberately attempt to prevent that through diet and exercise. However, all of our bodies gain weight differently. There are places on our bodies that carrying excess weight is more dangerous than others. For example, a little more “junk in the trunk” is much less alarming health-wise than carrying a spare tire around our middles. The reason for this is because excess fat around our vital organs is linked to obesity-related complications like diabetes, heart problems and high cholesterol.

Food is Not the Enemy

Food is the fuel for our bodies. So many of us, though, don’t eat that way. We eat whatever we want for how it tastes, not for how it makes our bodies work to optimum levels. We forget – or don’t even know – that those two goals of taste and fuel are not mutually exclusive. Xenical helps us because of how it works with the food we already eat as we re-learn about feeding our bodies what we need. When taken with meals, Xenical latches onto a portion of the fat in our food and inhibits our bodies from absorbing that fat. Xenical stays with that fat as it passes naturally out of our bodies in the normal way. Because of this, that fat never becomes excess weight.

Why Diet and Exercise Works

Xenical prevents new fat from sticking to us as excess weight, but that’s only part of our problem. We also need to learn a new way of eating that lowers our sugar and other non-fat caloric consumption in ways that taste good to us. If we don’t learn new ways of eating well, we’ll fall back into those bad habits that caused our unhealthy weight gain in the first place. Lowering calories in our diets encourages us to burn fat as we exercise. Moderate exercise – think swimming, Tai Chi or walking – helps us burn fat faster than if we stick to our sedentary ways. A half an hour five times a week is a great place to start being more active.

Xenical can help us reach our weight loss goals because it partners with us as we learn new ways to stay healthy.