Awesome Ways To Stay Entertained in Isolation

It’s been a tough year for Americans and all global citizens, really, with the Covid-19 Pandemic changing the way we live and associate with one another. There have been many growing pains and frustrating moments. Though the new year brought a new digit into the fold, not much else has changed; the pandemic is still here, and the long, cold, grey winter is upon us, adding to the difficulty of the situation.

We must keep ourselves busy and creative during this unprecedented time while showing our loved ones how much they mean to us. One simple and unique way to do that is via acrylic and oil based paint markers; whether you are a newbie or an accomplished artist, the acrylic and oil based paint markers from Pintar Art supply are sure to meet your varied needs. Below are two- simple, fun, and creative projects that anyone can take on with Pintar’s acrylic and oil based paint markers to beat the doldrums this winter.

Rock Doodling

It might seem strange, but one of the most creative and easy ways to work with the paint markers is to draw/doodle on large, light-colored stones. Pretty much any stone or rock will do, as long as it is relatively smooth and can be cleaned at home, it’s really all about personal preference regarding which one you choose. There is something quite satisfying about taking an ordinary, mundane rock and transforming it into a piece of creative art.

Rock doodling is an excellent activity for elementary/middle school children who have done some previous art projects in school and are looking to continue expanding their creativity. As far as supplies go, all you will need the rocks, of course, which you can go and grab yourself, or which you can purchase from a hardware store like Home Depot, where they are commonly labeled as “river stones,” other necessary supplies include acrylic paint for a background coating and of course the acrylic and oil based paint markers which can be used to create fine, detailed, designs and drawings.

Canvas Paintings

The beauty of paint markers is their usability combined with the look/impression they create, which is identical to that of an actual acrylic or oil painting. If you have kids, are a teacher, or enjoy art and want to relax, then buying some cheap canvas from an art supply store along with your acrylic and oil based paint markers can transport you into a creative-wonderland. The paint markers allow anyone to have a “steady-hand” and to draw elaborate, highly intricate details without having to be a master painter; simple and easy to use, you’ll shock those who see your artwork with the quality and attention to detail Pintar’s acrylic and oil based paint markers afford you.

Pintar Art Supply believes in producing the highest quality premium acrylic and oil based paint markers. According to the company’s web page, Pintar’s products are created by artists for artists. For more information on Pintar Art Supply and their wonderful acrylic and oil-based paint markers, please visit the company’s website- ( or email them at-