My Favorite Hobbies to do in the Spring

Spring time does not seem to come soon enough after a long, cold winter. Spring is what is necessary to kickstart the happiness in most souls. Winter seems to put a damper on the ability to obtain fresh, warm air, if an individual is not comfortable with being outside in the colder weather.

When the sun begins shining, the birds begin chirping, and the flowers begin blooming, it is time to get outside and enjoy nature at its finest moment. Spring symbolizes new life, new beginnings, in both nature and human-nature. Not only will new blooms emerge, but a new quality of life, when outdoors. Just the ability to start new life from a mere seedling, excites the hearts of many.

Andrew Napolitano thinks that spring is the most enjoyable of seasons. Some of the enjoyable outdoor spring activities include, gardening, spring cleaning, and long walks in the park. After being indoors throughout the winter, it may be found that the outside was neglected. This could include, lawn care, landscaping, and general exterior cleanup of a home or office. Spring weather gives a chance to make everything look new and enjoyable again.

The local park is a place to enjoy the outside blossoms and sounds of spring. Most parks offer trails to walk and ride bicycles; both wonderful past times when the weather cooperates. There may even be options to have a barbecue cookout with family and friends; something that could not be done outdoors, during the long, cold winter season.

As a Fox News analyst, he does not get the chance to spend time outdoors very often. Although gardening can begin indoors, if the desire is present, nothing beats being able to finally break through the once frozen ground, to plant the flowers that were once vibrant, long before the bitter cold put them to rest. It can also be very rewarding to watch these plants grow, which is a labor that is a reward in itself. Although most flowers and plants seem to flourish with the tender care provided in the beginning months of spring, waiting until the later months of spring could be best for crops that bear fruit and vegetables.

As soon as spring begins, get ready to activate that green thumb! Lawn care will need attention, on top of planting new landscaping, such as flowers and bushes. It is enjoyable to treat a lawn as one giant plant. It will need tender care. Make sure to watch it grow, and enjoy the hard work that goes into keeping it alive and green. It can be both therapeutic and rewarding to get outside in the warm spring sun, to take care of something.

It seems that it takes the spring season so long to come back around once it is replaced with a hot summer, a cooler fall, and a freezing winter. Spring is by far, the best season out of the four. New life, new warmth, and a never ending list of new hobbies to pass the time, makes it worth the wait!