Health Experts Believe a Dialogue Has Been Sparked

For the last decade, health analysts and wellness experts have been imploring members of the public; laypeople and influential people alike, to take their health and well being more seriously. Indeed, these calls have come in the form of blogposts, writing and other forms of commentary. But for the most part, the calls fell on deaf ears. People were more interested and dedicated to their careers; pursuits of materialism and alternate matters, to concentrate their energies on health and wellness.

Helen Schifter was one of these health experts, who passionately advocated for more people to lead lives where health and wellness played a more integral and pivotal role than ever before. Schifter provided her readers with various tips of how to navigate the waters of health and wellness. She recommended dieting, saying that leading a healthy diet in today’s day and age need not require compromising on the quality of foods one consumes.

Indeed, she’s right. The amount of organic options and offerings available at supermarkets, stores and to the public, are immense. There’s little excuse for not therefore trying to maintain a healthy diet that includes as many vitamins and nutrients as possible.

Fitness is another activity that Schifter advocated for in her writing. Indeed, as she wrote, it’s not the intensity of the fitness session that has the impact; but instead, it’s the consistency with which one trains and goes to the gym. But unfortunately, few seem to have listened to health experts like Helen Schifter. Now with the Coronavirus pandemic, as tragic as it’s been, a dialogue about health and wellness has been instigated – and rightfully so.