The Media is Playing a Pivotal Role through this Pandemic

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The media’s role in covering national stories has always been incredibly significant. Indeed, media analysts like Ken Kurson have always sought to highlight those members of the media that have done the most impressive job in providing viewers and readers a balanced and informative portrait of world events. But during a health pandemic of the scope of the Coronavirus, there’s little doubt the role the media has played has been integral.

Some might even argue that there has not been a “news” story over the last few decades where the media’s coverage has been more important than with the Coronavirus. This is true for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is a need on the part of the media to not only share truthful information about the nature of the pandemic in order to keep people alerted; but also, to ensure that people are enlightened and well aware of the proper precautions they ought to take to stay healthy.

On balance, some media outlets have done a better job than others in highlighting these important issues. Indeed, their coverage is important, because it is literally a public health crisis; and therefore a matter of public concern. Ken Kurson posits that we may never well see a story where the media’s role in its coverage played as critical a role, as with the Coronavirus health pandemic.