The Coronavirus Pandemic is More Than a Health Crisis

There has not been a single industry that is a part of the fabric of our nation’s economy that has been immune from the Coronavirus and its effects. Indeed, according to Shalom Lamm, the real estate industry has surely been hit hard by the pandemic. It’s no secret that the urban major metropolitan areas have taken a real beating in terms of social upheaval and depressed valuations.

What’s most concerning about this, is that there was little time for anyone to prepare, because nobody anticipated it contends Of course, health has to be of paramount concern to everyone when it comes to analyzing the damage and havoc wrought by this pandemic. But people cannot lose sight of the fact that a person’s economic well being has a direct effect on their ability to lead a healthy life.

The social unrest that coupled with the Coronavirus pandemic certainly didn’t help matters. On the contrary, it made them far worse. It was almost like a perfect storm of negativity, that could not have been forecast even if you had a crystal ball. The question on many investors’ minds like Shalom Lamm, is how much longer these effects will stay with the economy beyond this pandemic. Are they temporary; or are they here to stay?