An Investment in the Public’s Health is Well Worth it

Although it might sound crazy, the extended period of time spanning years, where citizens’ health was largely ignored in favor of other matters is coming to an end. According to analysts like Helen Schifter, this is a development that can likely indeed be traced back to the Coronavirus health pandemic. Truthfully, health experts have been spending years well pre-dating the commencement of the pandemic sharing the horrors of our nation’s seeming neglect when it comes to the subjects of health and wellness.

But unfortunately, their calls have gone largely ignored. That is, until the largest health pandemic of the 21st century hit our shores, emanating from Wuhan, China. The destruction and havoc that the pandemic has wrought has been astounding; and it saddens every one of us to see it . But why wasn’t the public keen on waking up to the need to take health and wellness more seriously before this pandemic?

Helen Schifter believes much of it has to do with societal norms, and the way our culture emphasized other pursuits as being more significant than taking care of one’s health. This of course was wrong, and we see the results in the obesity epidemic plaguing young people. This epidemic has been a storyline for some prominent figures who have tried their best to wake the public up to the fact that health needs to be taken more seriously. Let’s hope that their calls will finally be heeded, once and for all.