Health Is Starting to Be Taken Seriously

Helen Schifter recognizes that for the last decade too many members of the public have neglected health and wellness in favor of other pursuits. Indeed whether it be career development or professional and material pursuits, too many people have chosen to favor other pursuits over their own physical and emotional health. This has been a trend that has been taking place, stretching back for the last several years. It’s a trend that indeed needs to be combatted; and cannot be delayed any further.

Indeed, this is a problem that has been highlighted some might say, by the current health pandemic. It has provoked a conversation about whether people have comported themselves responsibly over time. People have to take measures to take better care of themselves. Whether that means being more active when it comes to fitness, or whether it means maintaining a healthier diet conditioned on vitamins and nutritional value.

Health experts are numerous on this subject. But the consensus they all seem to revolve around and share is that this trend had to be struck back. And indeed, that process has begun. But why did it take a health pandemic of this devastating nature for that process to commence? Those like Helen Schifter have contended that this was a problem long before the Coronavirus was ever being discussed or even talked about. Indeed, it was something Helen and other health experts were observing and expressing concerns about for awhile now.