Taking Vitamins Can Increase Mental Wellness

It was only in 1912 when the first Vitamin was discovered. Vitamin A was discovered by Gowland Hopkins when he was doing research on animals. Since then the supplements have truly changed the world of medicine. Of course, back in the middle ages, plants and herbs were used to cure various diseases. So why do people rely on such heavy medication now? There is an immense amount of chemicals found in everyone’s medicine cabinet. It’s understandable that many are prescribed pain killers and other types of medication for personal reasons, but are they safe for mental health? With any medication being ingested there is always to increase the mental function in the brain; vitamins. Many wellness savants, like Helen Schifter, want people to try taking natural supplements to help stimulate the mind. (Speak to a doctor before taking anything, these are only recommendations) 

Magnesium, which can be found anywhere, is very important for daily functioning. It helps speed up the metabolism, cures aches, and decreases the change of restless sleeping. Many people with depression and bipolar disorder take magnesium to help generate better hormones. Magnesium has also been found to contrite to skin rejuvenation and curing cancer. It’s very hard to do a full analysis of magnesium for doctors because of the number of plentiful benefits. Imagine that…having so many benefits to something that doctors can’t even keep up. 

Another vitamin that helps with mental wellness is Folic Acid. It aids in symptom relief and can be found in vegetables. Some fruits also have Folic Acid, but it’s much more common to find it in a salad mix. It also helps make DNA. When women are trying to conceive, taking Folic Acid may be in their best interest. It’s known for rapid cell division when can help develop a fetus. When women are conveying, being in close contact 

Vitamin D is a very important one to take because it keeps bones healthy. That includes, teeth, bone marrow, muscles, and is especially good for children. Kids can be unpredictable and although they heal a lot faster than adult, it’s still important to give them proper care. In addition, Vitamin D helps with brain function. Helen Schifter, a wellness specialist, recommends taking Vitamin D supplements to anyone. With her expert experience, she has seen how much better people feel after doing so. 

With the pandemic still happening, it’s important to increase immunity with Vitamin C. Although it doesn’t have any direct mental wellness benefits, it might help with comfort or reassurance. This virus is unpredictable so having an immune system that is prepared and ready to go will at least contribute to some form of mental stability.