Assessing the Media’s Coverage of the Coronavirus

The media has an instrumental role to play in covering the Coronavirus health pandemic, according to Ken Kurson. The changes that are happening in the media are indeed conducive to broadcasting important and substantive updates to the public about what is happening with the virus and its outbreak. Of course, it’s not difficult with any sort of health pandemic to terrify viewers and readers. For this reason, broadcasters and reporters have a challenging balance they must seek to strike. Inform, but not instill fear. Educate but do not provoke.

A health pandemic of the sheer size and scope of the Coronavirus surely does not come by often. And undoubtedly, it requires a great deal of responsibility among not only those covering it , but also the editorial staffs at press barons who are providing their staffs with directives. The natural urge for strong ratings needs to be put into perspective, as lives are literally on the line. The citizens of the republic are receiving information day-to-day about the pandemic and the precautionary measures they should be taking from your broadcasters and journalists. This should weigh on these people in a dramatic fashion.

Indeed, some reporters have done an outstanding job of providing consistent reporting to the masses about the dangers posed by the Coronavirus without exaggerating the real consequential dangers associated with it . Ken Kurson and other media analysts believe strongly in the importance of maintaining this balance. The media has an incredibly important duty to fulfill throughout this pandemic in its coverage. To educate the public about the pandemic so that they take the precautions that will keep them safe.