Why Choose A Facelift

Facial rejuvenation and facelifts are very popular options for those seeking cosmetic and plastic surgery. The reasons behind a facelift are very personal: no one wants to change their face for no reason! Some of the reasons include the signs of aging being more obvious, others prefer to feel rejuvenated and fresher than ever before. The social motivation for a facelift is also a factor, as appearances often matter to many people. It’s a major decision and not a light one to make, as any changes to the face change you for a long time.

There is plenty of evidence to show that the motivation for a facelift often influences whether someone is happy with their procedure. Those who want to feel better about themselves and do it for themselves are often much happier with a facelift than those who do it for social reasons. Those over 50 choose to book a facelift to capture their youth and attractiveness, and they are more likely to seek rejuvenation when they meet a large birthday, get divorced or experience the death of a loved one. We’re all working harder for longer, too, which adds to us looking far more tired than we used to. If you’re choosing a facelift for yourself, then Atlanta Face and Body is the place to turn to. 

Something for You

Age perception is very real and those to express a desire for self-improvement often choose to make their eyes look brighter and their skin firmer with a facelift to change it all. Anxiety and depression as a result of physical changes in age are common and these have a negative effect on the psychological outcome of the facelift procedure. When you choose to have a facelift it’s important to be realistic about the outcome and your expectations of the results. You’re not going to look 16 when the procedure is over, but you’re going to benefit from brighter and more youthful looking skin and eyes.

What Is Recovery Like?

It’s a common question for facelift patients: recovery is important and knowing what to expect is vital before you go in. Always plan to have someone with you to bring you home after the procedure, and make a plan to take it easy for the first couple of weeks. It takes around 10 days to recover from a facelift, and if you want that recovery process to speed up a little, rest, rest and rest some more! You can have the stitches removed after the first week, too. Stay hydrated and eat whole foods to recover faster.

How Long Will My Results Last?

No reputable surgeon will tell you that the results will last forever. Instead, it’ll help you to know that most facelifts last for years. Treating your skin well will keep the results fresher for longer. 

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