The Urgency of Covid-19 Testing in the USA

In this unsteady climate, with the Coronavirus rate rising across the globe, it is now vital that everyone embraces the importance of getting tested. 

Now is not the time to take chances on your health or the health of those that you love. After all, no one is an island; we all need each other to make a positive step towards getting a Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test to confirm if you have been exposed or infected with Covid-19.


COVID-19 Antigen Test

The *CARESTART Covid-19 Antigen test focuses on the following factors:

  • This is an all-in-one package that includes swabs.
  • The test produces results within 10 minutes, giving peace of mind.
  • You can also identify the individual’s current infection status to the Covid-19.
  • You will not need any specialist equipment or training to carry out the test.
  • The Antigen test has a high sensitivity of 88% and Specificity of a 100%

POC Testing With Reliability Built-In

SARS-CoV-2 is a highly contagious virus, currently rampaging through every aspect of life worldwide and was designated a global pandemic by the World Health Organization in 2019/2020. It has severely impacted life, healthcare services, and economies in the USA and across the globe.

Therefore, it is vital that people are screened for SARS-CoV-2 and that detections are made accurately through systemic testing on a large scale clinically and asymptomatic Covid-19 cases. We now need to stop the infection and eliminate the transmission of the virus.

Lateral Flow Testing

Lateral flow immunochromatographic assay is used to identify SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) by extracting nucleocapsid protein antigens specific to this virus. In lateral flow testing, a swab is taken by a healthcare provider from an individual who is suspected of being infected. 

The Importance of Taking A Covid-19 Test

Here is a report from the U.S Press and site.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 2,835,533 U.S. deaths in 2019. Before the pandemic, models projected a slightly higher number, about 2.9 million deaths, for 2020, said Dr. Jeremy Faust, an emergency physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

It’s not a coincidence, he said, that the 400,000 excess deaths closely resemble the number of coronavirus deaths in the U.S., which reached 401,796 as of Wednesday, according to Johns Hopkins data. *1.

*1.Written by Anna Rodriguez: USA TODAY. 2020 wasn’t ‘just a random bad year,’ health experts say: COVID-19 made one of the deadliest in U.S. history, 20th January 2021. Accessed 21st January 2021.

COVID-19 tests are available at no cost nationwide at health centers and select pharmacies. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act ensures that COVID-19 testing is free to anyone in the U.S., including the uninsured. Additional testing sites may be available in your area. Contact your health care provider or your state or local public health department. *2.

*2. “How To Get A Covid-19Test.”, 12th January 2021. Accessed 21st January 2021.