Best Lox in New York

Besides being a classic Jewish food, Lox is among the most popular foods in New York. There are various bagel shops to choose from but obviously, being picky about Lox is not for everyone. New York is a city full of life, and enjoying a lox in one of the places mentioned in this post could be one of the most exciting things to do.

People often confuse between Lox and smoked fish. The guide we have here is going to spell it all out. People occasionally associate Lox with smoked fish, Lox is brined, and smoked salmon is smoked. The best way to top a cream cheese bagel nowadays is to have a Nova lox, a brined fish, later smoked.

Below are details of places you could have the most amazing Lox around New York City.

Russ & Daughters

Russ & Daughters has been in the industry for over 100 years now. The premier store specializes in Lox, varieties of smoked fish, salads, and cream cheese. Placing an order in this appetizing store has so many benefits. The store has an appealing, timeless décor, professional chefs, and quality staff behind the counter, bringing out a lifetime experience. Russ & Daughter is a downtown store, relatively expensive but worth the experience.

Reserve Cut

Reserve Cut is a cozy and luxurious hotel renowned for being managed by 29-year old Allaham Albert. The restaurant in New York City’s biggest kosher steakhouse to enhance community flavors. Michael Sullivan, the Executive Chef in the restaurant, represents Albert’s Jewish heritage in dishes like Lox, wagyu beef, and steaks. The restaurant has introduced private dining, take out and the best of all, a rooftop lounge. Shalom Lamm, a native from New York, revealed the restaurant as his favorite spot to enjoy a lox.


The Zabar has gained significant popularity for their unique smoked fish for a while. The reputation for selling the best Lox remains true today. Customers in Zabar taste the difference upon the Lox is served. Zabar’s Lox is made the traditional Jewish way, using an old brine recipe.

Barney Greengrass

The restaurant is also referred to as the sturgeon King of New York. For 100 years, Barney Greengrass has been the timeless lunch restaurant offering house-cured Lox. On the Formica tables, customers can enjoy Lox served on bagels, scrambled with onions and eggs. Not forgetting quality people watching them as they have a delicious nova. This is another restaurant that Shalom Lamm holds dear to his heart. 

Black Seed Bagels

Black seed bagels’ specialty is in Montreal bagels. They are known for the delicious and thin shape compared to the typical New York City large and doughy bagels. Black Seed Bagels is also reputable for offering the best Lox around the city. For sure, customers cannot ignore their lunch menu. Customers can get a double-smoked salmon, tomato, onions, capers, dozen assorted and scallion cream cheese to serve 12 people for $150.

Atlas Café

Although one would think that Atlas Café seems like an ordinary coffee shop, once the customers are familiar with the menu, they realize they’ve found a gem. Atlas Café’s Lox is fresh, not overflowing with ingredients like in typical Lox restaurants.

The restaurants mentioned above are by far the most incredible restaurants offering Lox. Visitors can never run out of choices to find the most delicious Lox in town.