Why People Should Often Express Signs of Gratitude

Father George Rutler believes that showing gratitude represents signs of love and respect towards others. Being able to show gratitude is a valuable trait that not every individual possesses, but should deeply want to acquire. Those who are able to express gratitude radiate through and through. Something that may be easily related is the phrase “pay it forward.”

The phrase “pay it forward” tends to mean expressing kindness to another will inevitably cause other individuals to express kindness in different ways to another, especially those that are known as strangers. Now Rutler feels it necessary to express himself and the feelings of gratitude. There are many forms of gratitude and the key point to take away from him is that showing gratitude is a way of showing love and respect for those all around.

The importance of showing gratitude, respect and love for other individuals is monumental, this is how the world slowly becomes a better place. Each and every person has a choice, the choice to be cruel or the choice to show compassion. If every individual chose to be cruel we would have a world full of hate and hurt that would essentially snowball into despair. Those all around would be inconsiderate and self centered, resulting in failure of all. It would ultimately cause self destruction as well as destruction all around as every individual would only care for oneself.

On the flip side showing gratitude would have the opposite effect. When people decide to show gratitude it essentially rubs off on the individual that was shown the compassion. Ways that this may be presented are simple, an individual could help another with directions, one might say good morning to the grumpy old man or maybe just pay the toll for a stranger following behind. All of these examples are ways to show gratitude, they are things that may snowball and turn not just one but many persons’ days around. This form of gratitude is just being appreciative of those around and ultimately will make for a better day for many.

As the snowball of gratitude continues, individuals that may have been having a rough day, the one that might have suicidal thoughts, the one that is on their last leg, the one that may be burnt out, the one that is trying their best and so many more could have been reached by that one initial act of gratitude. Being grateful, respectful and showing love is far more important than just one person, it goes far beyond that one act of gratitude and potentially saved a life, gave an individual courage, gave confidence, gave a person energy and so much more. This is the importance of gratitude. It is a skill that anyone can acquire and should aspire to have.
Father George Rutler believes the importance of gratitude goes far beyond just one individual and can potentially touch the lives of many. Showing gratitude is essentially the key to keeping the happiness, excitement and faith in humanity.