What to Expect at Your First Boxing Class

Starting any new fitness endeavor can be scary and intimidating – especially when it comes to something as intense as boxing. While you might think that starting a boxing class means that you’ll be placed alongside the pros, your first class will be tailored for beginners so there’s really nothing to be nervous about! That being said, it’s still a good idea to prepare yourself mentally and physically for this new experience. So here’s what to expect at your very first boxing class:

Get the Basics Down

A lot of your very first boxing class will focus on the basics since you are a beginner. Boxing is all about technique and stance so expect to spend a lot of time getting this right! Thankfully, you will have a skilled instructor to help you develop your skills and get your boxing journey started off on the right foot. The first thing that you will do is learn how to wrap your hands correctly and wear the right pair of gloves. Keep in mind that you will probably have to purchase these ahead of your first class unless you already have your own – so try to get there a little bit early so that you don’t waste a lot of time on this.

Prepare for a Full-Body Workout

When you go to your first boxing class, you should expect a full-body workout. Probably one of the best things about boxing is that you can have fun while utilizing your entire body to tone, get rid of fat, and build muscle. Beginner classes might not be as intense and definitely won’t get you ripped in just one session, but you will definitely feel the burn all over! A lot of the moves that you practice in this class are chosen to target all of your different muscle groups whether it’s through hitting the bag or through different conditioning exercises. You should also expect a warm-up period and a cool-down period so that you are able to slowly ease into your workout and catch a breath at the end before taking the gloves off and heading home feeling better than ever.

…But Don’t Go All Out

All that being said, even though you will get a full-body workout at your first boxing session, you definitely shouldn’t over-exert yourself and go all out from the very beginning. Warming up is important but it’s also important not to go too hard since this is a new experience for you and your body needs to get used to it. For example, your hands will probably be sore at first since they aren’t used to punching the bag – so don’t take out years of pent up rage onto the bag in the first 15 minutes. While it might be tempting because it feels so good, remember to take it slow and know your limits to protect your body.

Don’t Give Up!

Finally, your first boxing class will likely be difficult. You may want to quit. However, you need to remember why you’re doing this and embrace your new fitness journey. The class might be tough but you will feel amazing at the end after you crush it! Once you get used to it and slowly become more conditioned, things will get easier and you will love your workouts even more.

Taking your first boxing class is the first step on a new fitness journey. It can be a little bit scary at first but the rewards will be 100% worth it. So head on over to your local boxing gym, wrap up those hands, and get to it!