Why is it Important to Exfoliate

We’re all busy people, and our lives don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  As such, we’re constantly looking for ways to streamline things we have to do every day, to squeeze just a little more time back into our days.  One of the things on which we often skip out is a quality skin care routine.  It can seem time consuming and sometimes arduous to spend more than two to three minutes on our skin each morning, however the benefits of following a skin care routine that includes an extra step, like exfoliating, can really deliver some quantifiable results with which we can be very pleased. 

 Thankfully, products are now available that combine skin care steps so you spend less time on your skin and still reap all the benefits of a complete skincare routine. If you’ve given up on exfoliating, or are thinking of giving it a try, we suggest using a CBD exfoliating cleanser.  Using a dual cleanser and exfoliator saves you a step and gives your skin the benefits of a thorough exfoliation while you wash your face.  

How Does Exfoliating Help Your Skin?

Not only does skin feel smooth and refreshed after exfoliating, it’s proven to actually be healthier, too.  Exfoliating with a gentle ingredient like apricot seed can remove unwanted dead skin cells that clog pores and prevent other products from reaching deep into your skin to heal and hydrate.  It’s important to choose an exfoliating cleanser that does not contain harsh exfoliants which can create micro tears in the skin and potentially damage it.  

CBD Exfoliating Cleansers Clean Deeply

Ordinary face wash may be able to remove some makeup and visible dirt, but how clean is your skin really getting?  Using a CBD exfoliating cleanser can help remove the dead layer of skin cells, dirt, oil, and makeup and clean deep down into the pores so that your skin is not only exceptionally clean, but primed and ready for whatever products you need to apply post wash.  This means you’ll get the most benefit out of every product you use after you cleanse your skin, so you’ll get to fall in love with your favorite products all over again.   Imagine being able to benefit even more from your favorite anti-aging cream or super hydrating moisturizer.   

Exfoliating with CBD Helps Hydrate Skin

CBD is a natural moisture-balancing oil derived from plants.  Because CBD is an oil, it has the ability to dissolve oil where it is being overproduced and hydrate where little to no oil is found.  This means when you clean your skin with an exfoliating CBD cleanser, you won’t strip your skin of its natural moisture leaving it dry and flaky.  The CBD in the exfoliant will hydrate where your skin is drier and dissolve oil where your skin may be overproducing (like in your t-zone).  

Exfoliating Leaves Skin Looking Radiant

If you’re really searching for a product that will give your skin that gorgeous glow of health and beauty, look no further than a CBD exfoliating cleanser.  Regular use of an exfoliating cleanser leaves skin looking refreshed and renewed on a daily basis.   When dead skin cells are removed it stimulates new skin cells to form more quickly.  The quick regeneration of skin cells keeps your skin looking younger and also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Exfoliating is a crucial component of maintaining any complete skin care routine.  Skipping this step can cause dead skin cells to build up and clog pores, potentially causing breakouts and preventing other products from being able to reach deep below the skin’s surface.  Exfoliating creates radiant skin that is healthier from the inside out.