Health Needs to be Taken Seriously in a Post-COVID World

Helen Lee Schifter has been a tireless advocate on behalf of health and wellness in all of her writing, and for good reason. When the health pandemic struck, no nation was immune from the tragic health consequences that so many citizens suffered. Indeed, the horrific nature of the Coronavirus pandemic is a story that will continue being told for generations to come. But what can be done by ordinary citizens in the meantime to help make a desirable impact on the health and wellness of our fellow Americans?

According to Helen Schifter, there are so many ways that one can help – but taking care of one’s own health and wellness is of great importance as well. And there are some basic ways one can enhance one’s health and wellness without considerable investment of resources or expenditure of time. For instance, fitness is an excellent avenue people can pursue in order to not only build up muscle and reduce weight, but to also lead a healthier lifestyle.

Indeed you’ll often hear that fitness and gym instruction can only take place in a gymnasium, but this too is untrue according to Helen Lee Schifter. One can employ fitness into one’s everyday life in more basic ways. To whatever extent there’s extra time one might have, that time can be channeled toward various activities related to fitness.

For example, if one traditionally takes transportation (in whatever way and through whatever means) to their place of employment, perhaps they can walk instead. When they leave their place of employment for lunch-breaks, they can similarly walk instead of taking cabs. In totality and in the aggregate, these changes will make a dramatic difference on one’s health.

Of course, it’s also important to never forget the significance of dieting and maintaining as healthy a diet as possible. The value of doing so is extraordinary, and it would be difficult to overstate it and its importance. Of course, this in no way requires compromising on the quality of one’s foods. There are so many different healthy offerings that exist across all cuisines. Those healthy offerings ought to be taken advantage of.