Transitioning to Organic Soaps is Paramount

The hand soaps we buy at Target, Walmart, and grocery stores might not be the best way to protect ourselves from anti-aging. There are so many eye creams and serums that don’t brand themselves as the harsh chemicals they possess. In fact, most drugstore soaps aren’t organic. As organic advocates,  like Helen Lee Schifter, suggest that there could be repercussions for those who don’t use organic substances on their skin.

Let’s first understand how horrible these harsh chemicals are for the environment. A lot of inorganic substances aren’t sustainable so why use them on your skin? With the increasing use of plastic containers and dispensers, harsh soaps can contribute to horrific ecological disasters. By using organic products that use recycled materials as packaging, the ecosystem will be thankful. Another reason that people should switch to using natural products is that in the long run, they can protect skin from any illnesses. Using organic materials is less likely to cause breakouts, rashes, or inflammation. By switching over from processed, chemical-filled soaps, the skin can absorb better nutrients and be overall healthier. Helen Lee Schifter is passionate about using top quality products on her skin. It’s just like a healthy diet. Eating chemical filled food that won’t digest fully for five years can cause weight gain and lead to unhealthy habits. It’s very similar to the skin. You get what you put in.