Living Life to the Fullest – with Helen Lee Schifter

From a health and wellness standpoint, it’s really important to take life day by day. There are millions of thoughts circulating in our brains on a daily basis. As the pandemic still transitions our once ‘normal lives’ to a virtual ear, it’s important to take a few steps back every once in a while. Helen Lee Schifter, as seen on LinkedIn, has developed a set of propositions to help people find balance in chaos. 

It starts with investing in yourself. Of course, giving back to communities and those less fortunate are paramount over self-care. However, usually, those who give back the most forget to take care of themselves the most. A popular Netflix show, Queer Eye, focuses on a group of outstanding individuals who give love back to those who gave their communities a helping hand. It focuses on social change, revolutionizing skincare, and increasing self-love in one another. Schifter emphasizes the ideologies of this show because it teaches viewers that living life to the fullest is a must. 

Many of us find struggles in our daily lives. Sometimes they are financial, relationship, or spiritual. In all, whatever they might be, try not to let the mind hold you back. Overthinking is something everyone does. The constant approval needed from our peers can be very overwhelming and decreases some people’s confidence in themselves. For experts like Schifter, it’s hard to watch such deserving people second guess their brilliant characteristics. Finding a support system that can guide you through any turmoil is important. Yet, more importantly, finding aspects of yourself to be more self-reliant is not negotiable. Being independent can help you find different passions and lusts. There is so much beauty out in the world. By reaching for the stars and setting goals, those passions can become a reality. 

Hellen enjoys sharing her life experiences because she understands that they have shaped the strong woman she has become today. In Elle Decor, she was interviewed about changing up the style of her home. Schifter created a minimalist space so that her life didn’t feel as crowded. At the time, Victorian, over the top homes were in style. although Schifter perused those designs, it didn’t make her fully satisfied with her living space. That’s why she broke the mold and changed up her whole home. This way, her Zen-Buddist lifestyle, and peaceful mindset finally felt safe. She could relax better and was much more proud of her creation. Schifter has been doing everything in her power to continue that healthy mindset. 

Helen has pursued much more than she could ever imagine because she believed in herself. Now, she has homes in New York City, the Hamptons, and could travel whenever she pleased. Of course, due to travel restrictions, she’s staying put, but for her the opportunities are endless. Practicing self-reflection is another Schifter highly recommends.  

In order to develop as a stronger individual, pausing to set goals for oneself is critical in self-improvement. Allowing the mind to accept mistakes and move past from it is the only way to live life to the fullest. Schifter says a lot of times we are held back by recurring thoughts that can be damaging to our mental health. 

“Do I look bad in this outfit?”

“What will everyone think of me?”

“Would doing this hurt the feelings of anyone I know?” 
These are all phrases that come to mind when self-doubting our abilities. To be blunt, it doesn’t matter what someone wears. Being fluid in fashion is a representation of cultures and personalities. Contributing to that pool or art is an accomplishment, not a problem. It’s so important to move past what other opinions may be and truly stand up for what you believe in. Hellen Lee Schifter has been a monumental fashion figure for years. Her experience with top-rated brands and designers is what all fashion lovers dream of. According to Taste Terminal, eating healthy is also an important part of living a fulfilling life. By filling your body with nutrients and organic ingredients, the body will be balanced and happier. Overall, do whatever makes you happy. At the end of the day remember there is no one you must please but yourself. Treat your mind well, body well, and good things will come of it.