Relaxation Methods That Work

man having eye issues while driving

Being part of a hectic world and translating negative consequences into our personal lives. Stress and worries from day to day life can end up affecting those we love or hold dear. Helen Lee Schifter, a wellness expert, expresses how important it is to simply relax. By finding time in the day to break apart from stress and create a ‘safe-bubble’ can be beneficial to any person going through a rough patch. 

Self-reflection is one of the many ways to relax. We all make mistakes or mess up, it’s human. However, being able to grow from those mistakes and develop further on a cognitive level is much more important. By self-reflecting, some of the weight that stress can cause will be lifted off one’s shoulders. Developing ways to improve oneself can be very relaxing if the purest of intentions are there. Some even consider spirituality as a relaxation method. Giving worries over to a belief can also reduce blood pressure and insure confidence in someone. Meditation is part of self-reflection, but it can be more dynamic. Being one with nature can help reduce stress hormones in the body. By breathing in fresh oxygen and using exercise as a calming mechanism, the body can relax. The outdoors are beautiful and endless so taking advantage of the fresh air can be beneficial to anyone struggling with stress. Especially, if children are in the picture. Exposing young children to lots of fresh air can really help them develop stronger and healthier. Helen Lee Schifter enjoys spending time outside with her family and recommends it to anyone who is stressed out.