Going for a Walk with Ken Kurson

Going for a walk in any geographical location can be beneficial to anyone. Nature has so many ways of helping the human body relax. Ken Kurson, the founder of California Globe, enjoys walking around and exploring any place he travels to. He has traveled for many work events and with that, there always seems to be limited time to fully take in the views. The world is filled with industrial beauties and buildings that Kurson enjoys walking around. Growing up in the Chicago area has been beneficial to him because he appreciated all types of landscapes now. Many city folks like the hustle and bustle on the streets. Walking around tight street corners or walking ten blocks to the grocery store is considered normal for millions of people. Yet, with such a fast-paced life, do individuals actually get to take in the beauty of their surroundings? Do they understand how important it is to appreciate their daily walks? There are so many people who would consider walking a luxury. Kurson urges people to take a break from their hectic lifestyles and truly experience what this beautiful planet has to offer. 

Going to get some fresh air can really help separate us from our work lives and our personal ones. PR News Wire insists social distancing can be safely practiced while going on walks. Kurson always insists that his family wear masks because of the scary repercussions that might occur if they do not. It takes time to get used to pandemic rules but it’s necessary to the safety of yourself and your family. Kurson suggests that going out to walk during the morning is the safest time to be out, especially in a big city. If there are sixty percent fewer people walking around, there will be for sure enough space to keep over ten feet of distance between people. Some may be lucky enough to not have neighbors.

Those who live on farms or very rural areas can use nature to their disposal at any time. Especially with how digital the world is becoming, it’s important to take a break from screens. With millions of workers now working from home, it may seem impossible to get away from a computer screen. In addition, Kurson predicts that by November all universities will send students home again for safety reasons. The future of the pandemic is too uncertain to know what will happen as the second wave of the virus hits. Nevertheless, while the weather is still tolerable, getting fresh air might help with relieving the stress of the unknown. For some, silence isn’t the answer. Listening to music while walking is always an acceptable idea. Even podcasts, which are now more popular than ever. Kurson even started a podcast with one of his friends recently to discuss ongoing topics about journalism and financial literacy. Many news outlets also have podcasts that cover mass media, like HuffPost. Any of these can be listened to while getting some form of fresh air. The most important takeaway is that taking a walk shouldn’t be taken for granted. So many of us are locked inside but walking at a safe distance away from people is acceptable. If you can, continue online shopping or ordering groceries from InstaCart. However, Kurson agrees that taking a break to walk around your neighborhood shouldn’t be replaced.