How Much Water is Too Much Water?

Man sitting on a couch with glass and bottle of whiskey

Drinking a substantial amount of water in one day is very important. It can help with skin imperfections, energy levels, and weight management. Many people also abuse water. This could be by showering too many times in a day, or by running the water in the sink while brushing teeth. It’s important to understand that as much as it seems like it, water is not unlimited. Helen Lee Schifter is conservative in her water use and tries to be renewable in any way she can.

The average human is about seventy percent of water. That means it’s necessary for us to survive. Maintaining body fluids helps the body with temperature control and even saliva production. Ever been sick? The doctor would usually tell you to “drink lots of fluids”. Water has healing properties that help blood circulate and support our immune systems. In addition, flushing water through our systems is necessary because it helps regulate our diets. If we ever consume too much salt or sugar, our body usually turns in signals in our brain that tell us to drink. That’s because organs like our skin, liver, and kidneys need water to help out flush any toxins. In addition, the more water a person drinks, the less likely they are to overeat. Drinking a few cups of water before any meal will help cleanse the digestive system and help regulate blood levels. Helen Lee Schifter likes to add lemon to her water, as an additional source of antioxidants.