7 Seeds And Herbs That Help Boost Your Immune System

Building a robust immune system is primal to staying healthy and avoiding disease. The immune system is responsible for preventing various infections and fighting off germs. A robust immune system means you will likely be safe from diseases causing germs and other pathogens that can lead to illnesses. One needs to take boosting the immune system more seriously than before due to Corona-virus’s prevalence.

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Interestingly, people can take specific steps to build a healthy immune system, like eating healthy, regular exercises, and sleeping well. Besides, certain herbs and seeds are known to help make the immune system healthy. Here are the seven herbs and seeds that can help boost your immune system. Bear in mind that these herbs and seeds have been researched, tested, and confirmed to be useful for boosting your immune system.

  1. Ginseng

Ginseng is a herb that helps keep the immune system balanced by managing all the body’s immune cells. This herb regulates the B cells, T cells, macrophages, and natural killer cells that detect infections and other body threats. Besides that, all these body cells are responsible for stopping and fighting infections in the body. 

Chronic stress can reduce the immune system’s power; hence, it’s necessary to build the right HPA axis to regulate stress’s impact on the immune system. In order words, building the HPA axis means giving strength to the immune system. 

Amazingly, Ginseng can strengthen the HPA axis in charge of managing stress that lowers the immune system. You can take Ginseng by using its fresh root to make tea or consume it as capsules. 

  1. Cannabis 

Another herb that you can trust for building an immune system is Cannabis. Studies revealed that CBD could improve white blood cells in immunodeficient people, helping them strengthen their immune systems. Another result stated that CBD lowers the immune response to inflammation in people suffering from an autoimmune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis. 

A healthy inflammatory response secures the body from new injury or infection. Asides from that, Cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties; it also improves the function of the lung. That makes Cannabis a useful herb for fighting the respiratory infection that may threaten the body.  

Another sign of a healthy immune system is a healthy gut. A poor functioning gut biome can lead to certain gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and the likes. Surprisingly, the intake of CBD will keep the gut healthy, making the immune system function properly. CBD will also alleviate the body’s response to stress and anxiety, suppressing the immune system’s strength. You can try CBD Edibles or other CBD supplements or forms to boost immunity.  

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  1. Echinacea

One of the herbs that have many health benefits is Echinacea. The herb has contents that alleviate inflammation and relieve pains in the body. It also has antioxidant and antiviral properties. This makes it suitable for boosting the immune system.

A research result stated that consuming Echinacea when experiencing cold symptoms such as congestion or running nose may lessen the sickness’s period and strength. Likewise, the herb can prevent respiratory infections if consumed before the symptoms get severe. That’s because the herb can lower the strengths of pre-inflammatory cytokines that aid respiratory infections and inflammation.

It’s ideal to consume Echinacea at least two times a day to protect yourself from germs and build your immune system. However, consult your doctor before taking this herb for immune system boosting or consume it according to the dosing instructions on the box you purchased.  

  1. Moringa

If you plan to use herbs to boost the immune system, Moringa is your go-to herb. The herb is known for preventing and fighting health issues that can suppress the immune system’s performance. So, why is Moringa an ideal herb for boosting the immune system? It is rich in some contents that are responsible for strengthening immunity, like potassium, amino acids, iron, and calcium. These essential nutrients build body cells, tissues, muscles and also enable the body to heal faster.   

Specifically, the herb is highly rich in Vitamin C, which is about seven times higher than orange. Vitamin C is the primary nutrient need of the body that improves and builds a robust immune system. Start taking the proper dosage of Moringa to boost your immunity radically.

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  1. Sesame seeds

The sesame seed is also known as humble til. Among the seeds fully packed with necessary nutrients are the sesame seeds. They are embedded with zinc which is rare and hard to come by in the everyday diet. 

Zinc is one of the helpful nutrients that keeps the immune system in top gear while also strengthening the whole body for the day. A teaspoon of sesame in a day may be sufficient for your body to build immunity. You can also consult a herbalist for the right dosage or follow the dosage instruction on the sesame package you are taking. 

  1. Sabja seeds

Also called falooda seeds, it is highly effective for human health. The seeds are a powerhouse of properties that keep the body healthy. They contain ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) that boosts metabolism. 

Likewise, the seeds are rich in flavonoids, such as beta carotene, orientin, and vicenin, to ensure the immune system is healthy. These properties will also beat and prevent cold and flu. A study stated that taking a little handful of sesame seeds daily may help you boost the immune system faster. 

  1. Sunflower seeds

Lastly on this list is the highly effective sunflower seeds. These crunchy seeds have many nutrients, including Vitamin E.  Another component of these seeds is selenium that empowers the body to fight infections and boost the immune system. 

It’s incredible to know that the sunflower seeds also contain antioxidants, which detect and combat free radicals, making them perfect for building strong immunity. The best way to consume these seeds for immunity purposes is to either add them to oatmeal or salad. You may also consult a herbalist for direction on how to consume the seeds for building an immune system.

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Keeping your immune system is vital to limit the onset of disease. When the immunity is healthy, you may not have many reasons to visit the hospital for treatment. As you take these herbs and seeds to strengthen the immune system, take note of your hygiene too. Wash your hands regularly, eat properly cooked meals, sleep well, exercise, and avoid physical contact with sick people; if you must visit them, then protect yourself.