Zen Rituals That Help with Anxiety

Doctors watching head x-ray of patient

Keeping a positive attitude can be harder than it looks. For many individuals, finding compassion and gratitude in everyday circumstances can be difficult. With such a chaotic period of time, the future may see weary. However, using Zen techniques to help build on confronting anxiety has helped many be calmer. Helen Lee Schifter, a Zen Buddhist, has used her spirituality to assist others in combating anxiety, first hand.

For many people, being at peace as to do with being financially stable or independent. A lot of times, with relationships, there can be ups and downs that trickle into professional lives and their outcomes. That being said, the practice of mindfulness and meditation has helped many with severe anxiety. Conquering something that heavily impacts our body and mind does not happen overnight. Zen can help in many ways, but it cannot heal someone within a short amount of time. Drinking fluids that are filled with antioxidants can also help the body get rid of anxiety. Let’s say that you’re quarantined at home and all of a sudden, something with work comes up. Your coworker can’t come into work the rest of the week and there was a project you had to present to your executive board by the end of the week. Of course, naturally, anxiety levels will rise but they can be suppressed by simply trying some tea. Although it may seem unorthodox to some, tea has loads of benefits that can help with stress relief. Green tea is Helen Lee Schifter’s favorite type. It helps release antioxidants in the brain and the science behind it is quite riveting. Tea takes time to boil and drink. The time it takes to devour tea is the time one should set aside to do constructive thinking and develop a new call to action. Anxiety is bound to affect anyone, but we shouldn’t let it control our lives.