Top Brain Exercises for Improving Memory and Concentration

The human brain is powered by 86 billion neurons, on an average. These are the basic units that help us process information from the outside world, as well as internal stimuli. To keep your brain at its best, you need the right nutrients, sleep and stimulation. However, ensuring all this can be difficult in our usually hectic lives. The best supplement for memory and concentration comes to the rescue, improving brain health and cognitive functioning, say experts at, a leading objective review site. Additionally, just like your body requires some form of exercise, your brain does too! Here’s what you should know.

How to Keep Your Mind Active?

The best supplements for focus and concentration can definitely help improve brain health and functioning. In addition, here are a few exercises that can further boost cognitive performance. 

  • Observe Well: Observation is a great way to keep the mind sharp. It can also help in motor skills development and enhance the learning process, according to an article on National Center for Biotechnology Information. This is also known as passive memory training and helps us remember things better.
  • Draw Your Town: Raising the difficulty level of the exercise is a powerful way to get your brain cells working. Close your eyes and draw your neighborhood, landmarks and streets. You’ll be surprised to find that the places you cross everyday might have been missed out in the drawing. But, various parts of your brain cells, including the hippocampus, are highly activated.
  • Calculate in Your Head: Beyond simple math works wonders. Consider solving simple equations in your head. Keep aside the pen and paper and try to calculate discounts and taxes mentally. You can also pick up simple addition and multiplication problems with larger numbers. This is a fun way to make your brain cells work hard, making them extra active in the process.
  • Learn a Language: Learning something new can help you move out of your comfort zone. Spanish, German, French or Asian languages that come with complicated grammar and sentence construction techniques can be interesting as well. Continuous challenges will ensure your brain remains on its toes!

As you get older, brain exercises should top your priority list. They will significantly ensure better focus, mental clarity and alertness and help explore the world better. To offer your brain some more support, here are some of the best supplements for focus and concentration.

Alpha Brain
Getting distracted and finding it difficult to focus can reduce productivity. Brain training can sharpen your mind, boost intelligence and promote overall well-being, according to an article on Verywell Mind. The same benefits can also be achieved by Alpha Brain. This supplement is made of natural ingredients, known to give the brain a boost. This also means that it doesn’t have adverse side effects. Regular consumption can also help with clarity of thought and enhanced cognitive function.

OptiMind is a brain enhancer designed to improve brain cell functions and increase your energy levels. It has been used by millions of people, without any significant adverse side effects. With most positive customer reviews, this is also a great way to ensure your brain receives all the nutrients it needs.

So, go ahead and give yourself an edge over the competition with these tips to enhance cognitive performance.