How Music Can Help with Stress Relief

man with personality disorder

Music has been around for centuries. The beautiful thing about music is that there is an infinite amount of opportunity in creating it. With thousands of different genres, music can be a window to stress relief for many individuals. Ken Kurson has a passion for singing and playing guitar. He uses music as an outlet, as many people do. For many high ranking musicians, writing lyrics has been a way to let go of unwanted energy. It can also be used as a platform for social reform movement or even about politics. 

The lyrics in a song mean so much to a band or artist. Being able to get your voice out there in a beautiful and creative way is very important for some people. Bands like Queen, Taylor Swift, and Pink Floyd, all have very different styles of music, but all wrote their own songs. Connecting with an audience isn’t easy. Not everyone is going to appreciate songs from alternative bands. However, that’s okay because there is something out there for everyone. Listening to music has clinically been proven to help calm people down. It affects the body by quieting the mind. Listening to slower tempo music, such as acoustics, classical, or symphonic can help relax your muscles and help with relaxation. That’s why a lot of yoga studios use light, airy music while they teach their students to meditate. Ken Kurson enjoys sitting by a fire pit and singing. The calming sounds of nature with strums of his voice helps him feel at peace. Even listening to wind chimes calms people down which is why they are still so popular. In all, music can be used for a variety of reasons, but if there is ever a moment of uncertainty, listening to slow tempo songs can help with stress.