4 Ways to Properly Manage Your Energy

It is hard to get through the day and have enough energy to get things done. Alexander Djerassi knows that it is hard to get everything done. Djerassi knows that it is hard to have a lot of energy and get things done. There are ways that people can manage their time and invest their energy to get everything done.

1. Treat the Body Well

The body needs fuels to keep on going. The body also needs some time to rest. A person should aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. When they get up they need a healthy breakfast with plenty of protein to give the body and mental energy. A person should also have some healthy snacks during the day if they feel they are low on energy. Nuts and yogurt make great snacks and this will allow a person to keep higher energy levels.

2. Control Emotions

If a person is feeling stressed out they will have less energy. Stress is one of the worst things for the body and energy levels. A person should learn how stress impacts their body including their energy. They should then take measures to reduce stress. If a person is stress-free they will be surprised at how much more energy they have.

3. Focus

A person needs to learn how to control their focus. If a person allows the mind to wander too much and think about things that are not related to work they will notice that they will get tired. A person should focus on one thing at a time. They will then need to take a short break and begin their other tasks. While some people may think that they need to do several things at once this can be more tiring. The mind will need to do several things and go back and forth. One task at a time is best.

4. Do Not Force It

If a person gets tired during the afternoon they cannot force the body to move. They need to take a small break and take a rest for a couple of minutes. This can mean sitting down. For some people, they may need to take a couple of deep breaths. If a person takes a short 5 or 10 minutes break they will be able to clear their mind and they will be able to focus. A person can also adjust their schedule around the time that they get the most tired. If a person notices they are lacking energy during the afternoon hours they should do the important work in the morning. They will still need to be productive during the afternoon but at least they will have some of their important work done.

These are some tips Alexander Djerassi believes allows a person to have more energy and they will be able to increase their energy levels at work. This will allow a person to become more productive and they will be able to get more things done during the day.