Tips for Healthy Living

Helen Lee Schifter has written about the value of healthy living for many years. It’s a subject that unfortunately way too often is disregarded or worse neglected altogether. The reality is that healthy living should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds; and NOTHING should take precedence over it . It’s important for nobody to lose sight of this. But unfortunately, with all the other elements that are being discussed and everybody busying themselves with a myriad of other issues day-to-day, it’s increasingly become a situation where health is put to the site at the expense of all sorts of other issues.

According to Helen Lee Schifter, these issues and this parallel didn’t begin yesterday. Unfortunately, it’s been this way for some time, and it’s a product of a fundamental lack of education and understanding of the importance and the value of health and wellness, altogether. So how can this effectively be changed for the better? How can this problem be corrected and rectified?

The problems with these issues is that it is indeed difficult to change the orientation some people have concerning their own respective totem pole of priorities. Some will prize and appreciate money and professional career-driven pursuits over other motives they might have. This is problematic; but it is indeed solvable. For example, there are ways of communicating the value of health and wellness, and maintaining and leading a healthy lifestyle that will be comprehensible to the average consumer and citizen.

The ways to do this all revolve around how consumers receive their news; and how they’ll be most inclined to listen and be receptive to others’ messages. For these purposes, let’s examine the current media landscape. As traditional media becomes less and less significant, alternative media including digital and social media become more and more important. Let’s not lose sight of this trend; because it surely affects the ways people consume information, and therefore how one is to go about designing the most effective public and media relations program.

Social and digital media platforms belonging to sought after influencers who have significant clout among their followers, need to be used. These platforms are unfortunately not used as commonly and frequently as they ought to be. This is problematic for a myriad of reasons that we will get to in some later and future post.

So how about an influencer-driven campaign that seeks to communicate this important message of the value of health and wellness, to the masses in a strategic manner? Let’s identify a litany of influencers with diverse audiences of power who are prone to listen to the messages being communicated to them from these figures. Let’s have these influencers begin transmitting these important messages, in earnest.