Entrepreneurs Must Be Conscious of Their Health

people joining hands in a meeting

Shalom Lamm is an entrepreneur who recognizes how incredibly important it is for there to be a conscious regard for health and wellness. No matter the industry one might be operating in, it’s imperative for one to never lose sight of his or her health situation. This is a lesson that many have unfortunately learnt, by the time it’s too late. We have to be clear and precise with our various stakeholders and audiences, in enlightening them of the value of health and wellness, and the different ways they should comport themselves, in a way that’s consistent with their health goals.

According to Shalom Lamm, there has been a three-hundred sixty degree change in the way that entrepreneurs and business leaders view and appreciate their health and wellness in recent years. Surely, this has had elements of constructive changes and a path that has been forward-looking. This is something that more business leaders need to take notice of; and internalize in a way that leads them to incorporate health and wellness into their everyday lifestyles.

So what our ways business leaders and entrepreneurs alike (no matter their scale, size and levels of success) can go about incorporating health and wellness into their day-to-day routines? Here are a few tips that we received from some business leaders who have succeeded in their respective industries, in ways that have established themselves as thought leaders and commentators in their respective spaces.

  1. When it comes to fitness, think about consistency over intensity: This is such an important and significant tip that’s value cannot possibly be undervalued nor understated. There’s a misconception that exists out there (not sure its source or place of origin), that workouts need to be as aggressive and intense as possible, in order for the subject of the workout to truly be able to benefit in a meaningful way health-wise. This is simply not the case. It’s consistency and regularity which matters. Are you attending the gym or wherever you may be conducting your workouts regularly; or are you instead doing so inconsistently and infrequently? These are the questions that must be posited and addressed.
  2. Think about fitness outside of the realms of the gymnasium: This one is incredibly important. Incorporate working out outside of the gym itself. Walk more. Walk to work. Walk to your place of worship; and walk and walk some more. That’s the way to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Eating Habits: You are what you eat. Might sound cliche, but it has more truth to it then many would like to admit or confess to. Watch what you eat. By no means does this mean compromising on the quality or the taste of your food that you’re eating. Instead, it means you’re eating a healthier diet that will make you a healthier person. All types of cuisines have offerings for organic and healthier living. Choose those over the garbage that might otherwise be available.