Health Should Matter for Investors

Shalom Lamm is a real estate entrepreneur who recognizes the need to value health and wellness. This might seem apparent to some, but when one is operating in a commercial atmosphere, there tends to be an emphasis placed on other matters (namely the business’ bottom line) over much of anything else. Health and wellness are certainly included in the category of priorities that are trumped by these motivations and agenda-items.

According to Shalom Lamm and other such investors, this continued desire to neglect health and wellness among some entrepreneurs, is problematic. The hustle and bustle of business environments do indeed create an atmosphere of excitement, and a great deal of anxiety. This anxiety can certainly have effects on one’s health and the quality of their life, that need to be examined. Money is not the end-game. That’s an important value to recognize.

So what are different ways that health can be prized and appreciated; in ways that it isn’t at the present moment? Well, if one considers the parallels and interconnection of physical health and emotional health, that would certainly be a good start. Attaining that level of clarity is paramount and essential to grasping and comprehending the nature of the beast, so to speak.

Anxiety for instance, is a very common element in any business environment. When observing major metropolitan locales for instance – whether New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago, one sees the anxiety exhibited on the faces of so many in the business world. This anxiety is understandable. After all, being able to make a decent livelihood and living to provide for one’s family is an objective that everyone shares. Yet given the fungibility of monetary assets, it creates a very competitive environment.

Let’s first establish that anxiety is a function of mental and emotional health. But its importance to appreciate how such facets of mental health are directly interconnected with one’s physical health. In fact, the effects that one’s mental health can have on one’s physical are exorbitant. These substantial effects need to be better understood; so that health and wellness are viewed through a prism of greater clarity, and appreciated and understood better.

The ways that health can be enhanced are through a myriad of factors. First, in physical health certainly fitness should be valued. Fitness can certainly take place inside a gymnasium as the hub or venue where one works out. But it doesn’t necessarily have to. And this is something not everyone understands or recognizes. Instead, they seek to focus on the gym and working out as the end-all.

This isn’t a fair characterization; and it distorts the truth and the reality of the circumstances of how health is understood. For example, if one walks to work instead of taking public transport or any means of transportation, the value of that walk from a health standpoint can be very substantial. When viewed in the aggregate, it can be even greater than it might initially seem.