More Media Attention Must be Paid to Wellness

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Ken Kurson believes not enough media attention is devoted to the subject of health and wellness. This is a quagmire that many in the media field have raised ever since the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic. Could it possibly have been avoided? Could the devastating consequences have potentially been mitigated? These are all questions that are worthwhile posing; and a constructive exercise is to certainly consider whether there could have possibly been any alternatives produced that would have been better on a general and broader scale.

According to Ken Kurson, there has indeed been a need for more media coverage of health and wellness issue. The core problem however, is instead a need for a campaign of education. The question is therefore a more philosophical and fundamental one. Is it the media’s role to educate the public of the importance of issues that they otherwise would and will continue turning a blind eye to?

Health and wellness are not appreciated and certainly not taken seriously enough by the public writ large. There’s no surprises here. It’s a statement of fact that follows a flow of logic and an understanding of the current paradigm and context of the situation we all find ourselves in. Health and wellness must be taken seriously. The subjects have been taken for granted for far too long by far too many. This has led to a situation where many members of the public lack a fundamental awareness and education of the value and essential purpose health and wellness plays in their lives.

This is unfortunate on numerous levels. For one, people have to have a recognition of how important their physical and emotional health are in order to foster livelihoods where they seek to lead healthier lives. They are not going to invest efforts into changing their lifestyle habits, until and unless they feel a real and true need to do so. The only way for them to possibly obtain this recognition, is by better understanding the importance of leading a healthier lifestyle; one that prizes health and wellness as important commodities.

So let’s be clear about this situation. The media does play a pivotal role in educating the public about numerous issues. Indeed it plays a role in maximizing public awareness of a slew of different issues that otherwise might never see the light of day. So the media does have a responsibility to share the importance of health and wellness with the public. This way, there will be a renewed sense of priority and importance on the part of members of the public, to properly treat themselves with health and ensure they keep themselves in good shape.

The ways they can approach ensuring this is the case? Maintaining a healthy and consistent fitness regimen is certainly part of the coterie of options that are available to them. But there are others. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is certainly an integral part of all of that. But maintaining such a diet doesn’t have to come at the cost of eating foods or cuisines that somehow compromise the quality of the food or taste of the food that one is eating. There are ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle that can be both enjoyable and scrumptious.