Media Coverage of the Coronavirus

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Ken Kurson has worked in media throughout his career, albeit in varying capacities. The attention the media has paid to the COVID-19 health pandemic has been critical in ensuring that the public and the masses are adequately educated concerning the threats the Coronavirus poses to mankind. It’s so critical that during these times the news media harness its power to produce quality journalism that doesn’t seek to scare the public, but does indeed seek to enlighten them of the threats of all types that the Coronavirus poses to mankind and the human population, writ large.

According to Ken Kurson, these facets of the media need to be highlighted in a strategic manner that seeks to applaud those that have done an effective job of enlightening the public about the dangers related to this dangerous pandemic. If journalism is afforded the opportunity to play its task in a way that is proper, then the public will be adequately aware of all the dangers associated and affiliated with this health pandemic.

The sheer scope and magnitude of the Coronavirus pandemic has led many to wonder whether the ways we approached this as a country and as a society could have indeed mitigated the damage it has caused on mankind more effectively. Realistically, we must consider these questions through a prism of clarity and ensure that we have the proper perspective throughout such a thought process.

Let us not forget that mankind has never seen or encountered a health pandemic of this sheer size and scope. This has been something that nobody could have anticipated in that way. But indeed, journalism has played a vital role in sharing the scope of the virus with the public in a consistent fashion. Let’s recall that there have been other pandemics over the last century, but in that time digital media and traditional media were not accessible to the public in the same way they are today.

Needless to say, this is an incredibly important aspect that has changed in the ways the public consume media. And this surely has had constructive effects related to the ways that journalists are able to get their journalism out to the public. There are so many diverse ways that journalists of today’s day and age can go about getting their high quality work out to the public, thanks to the advents of digital and social media.

The traditional media world has become so fragmented that it has created an immense amount of competition among not only different journalists, but also their respective media outlets and their publishers and press barons. This type of competition has had positive effects in some respects. Just like in any capitalist business market, competition fuels further motivation to produce higher quality work. This motivation and encouragement is imperative in ensuring that the media world become further fruitful and motivated.