The Democratization of Media Has Benefited Health

Ken Kurson understands the media industry, because of his extensive career spanning so many different aspects of media.He has witnessed (as have his colleagues), the extensive democratization of the media space. This democratization has had incredible effects on the ways that people consume their news. This democratization has also had tremendously substantive and important effects on the ways in which people consume health related news. This is important to understand, comprehend and internalize.

Based on Ken Kurson and his thought leadership in the space, there have been many changes that the democratization has had on the media industry. It’s not limited to one specific subject, topic or anything else. The democratization of the media space has led to more commercialization of news; but also ushered in an era of new journalists that are young, youthful and in some cases very able and competent.

The health news industry is an industry thats importance has been highlighted beyond normative circumstances, given the devastation the Coronavirus pandemic has wrought. It is essentially important that consumers receive updates concerning health-related news topics and subjects in a consistent and accurate fashion. In the absence of this level of consistency there can be understandable confusion among the public.

This confusion can be problematic for a number of reasons. Let us not forget about the value that accurate information concerning the Coronavirus has been, throughout the cycle of the crisis. The accuracy of such information has proven critical in ensuring that the public absorbs the information in a way that’s meaningful and comprehensible to them.

The democratization of the news media has also led to many taking to the blogosphere and social and digital media platforms to seek to transmit their messaging and their respective journalism. The reasons for this are irrelevant; but they have led to an emergence of a new breed of journalists that are seeking to inform the public in a way that truly amounts to a public service.

When it comes to health-related news, it is of critical importance that people understand that there is incredible merit to different diseases and disorders; but also some very promising remedies and surgical procedures that have made themselves available over time. The development of such remedies has been of vital importance to gaining better comprehension of this space.

So let’s always remember the pivotal role the media plays in ensuring not only accurate information gets to consumers concerning current events and politics, but also concerning health. When it comes to the health of our nation and its societal members, it is of such critical importance that accurate and truthful information be produced and consumed. We can never lose sight of this.