The Conversations COVID-19 Has Ushered In

Helen Lee Schifter recognizes that the Coronavirus pandemic has ushered in all types of conversations on a slew of relevant topics to health and wellness, that many would otherwise not be having. Needless to say, the Coronavirus pandemic has given us all some time to consider a wide array of different items and philosophies that we would otherwise perhaps not explore. This down-time is being used differently by different types of people. But those that are using it to engage in proper introspection; collecting their thoughts and assessing and evaluating whether their current set of priorities are in proper order, are right to be engaged in such a mode of thinking.

According to Helen Lee Schifter, the continued dialogue about these issues is indeed a positive development; and one of the things that these conversations will inevitably lead to is a discussion about health and wellness. More importantly (perhaps), a discussion about where one’s physical health is situated on the totem pole of one’s priorities. This is a dialogue that needs to happen sooner rather than later. It is about time that this conversation be taking place. It is now the proper time to have it . Perhaps in that way, the Coronavirus pandemic has ushered in an opportune moment to have this dialogue.

There are ample reasons that this conversation needs to be had. Not the least of which is the fact that too many American citizens exhibit a profound neglect toward their health and wellness. This type of neglect is grossly unhealthy; and it certainly does not serve them well in the long run. It’s something that needs to be managed accordingly in a professional and efficient manner.

One’s physical health should always be a top priority; but there are related items that need to also be included and considered when evaluating how to go about preserving one’s health in the best possible shape. For example, one’s fitness regimen does matter; but there are so many misconceptions about how to stay in shape that unfortunately conflate a number of issues, making it confusing to the average person.

The ability to workout intensely and aggressively, is of course important. And it needs to be treated as such. But it’s also imperative for one to be consistent in one’s workout habits. One cannot be reckless in only attending to fitness needs on a monthly or irregular basis. There’s a fallacy out there that the quality of a workout and the healthy effects it’ll have on the tone of one’s body is actually reliant on the intensity of the workout. This is simply inaccurate.

Consistency matters; which means that attending to fitness needs on a regular basis – several times a week, is truly ideal. But this would also be a good time to discuss the ways one can go about working out. Because of gyms being viewed as the hub and primary venue for working out and for one’s fitness needs, people wrongly assume this is the only place that is truly the right place to go for work-out needs.

But working out can be done anywhere outside the confines of the gym as well. Even something as simple as walking to your place of work, instead of taking transit or any form of transportation – whether that be the subway, city bus or a car is something that can have a substantial effect in the aggregate, when all things are considered in a combined fashion.

And then of course, there is being sure to eat in an orderly and healthy manner and fashion. This is essential for a variety of reasons that are somewhat obvious but still worthy of discussion. For example, there is of course the popular and somewhat commonly said and heard cliche “you are what you eat.” A cliche or not, this is a statement that has far more truth to it than it might initially seem to.

Of course, in today’s environment there are so many organic and healthy offerings revolving around all types of different cuisines. For this reason, one need not compromise the quality or taste of foods in maintaining a healthy and proper diet. Whether American, Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern or any other type of cuisine, the healthy options and alternatives exist. And they are many. These myriad of options afford consumers and all ordinary folks the ability to ensure they are maintaining healthy dietary habits that will ensure healthy living.

Helen Lee Schifter is a health and wellness expert who believes the more dialogue that one has about health and wellness, the better we will all fare in this complicated and confusing environment.