Wellness Should Matter to Us All

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Helen Schifter has a unique understanding of the current environmental climate, insofar as what is being taken seriously by members of society. In the United States, we’ve been plagued by an obesity epidemic that has destroyed so many lives – in particular members of the youth of the nation. This is an issue that should draw the attention of as many people as possible. Unfortunately, for whatever reason it hasn’t. And that indeed has to change. There are ways of changing it ; and we must keep an open mind to ideas of how to approach it .

According to Helen Schifter, much of the distractions that have led so many to neglecting their own physical health and wellness is rooted in changes that have transpired in our own culture. These changes of course, did not begin yesterday; and have instead been gradually building up over time. But these are changes that it’s about time we reflect on – and consider the consequences and ramifications of.

Let us better understand the root causes for why an issue as important as society members’ health and wellness are not taken seriously. First, there is (justifiably) a fixation and utter devotion to career and professional development, that is ingrained in members of the public from a very young age. To be clear, this is not something anyone should be opposed to. On the contrary, we should be championing the idea of instilling the ethics of hard-work and career development in our nation’s youth.

But at the same time, the question that needs to be asked – is at what cost? At what point do we consider a holistic view of our priorities and recognize that our health cannot and should not be sacrificed at the expense of anything else. Part of this of course, has to do with our education system. Indeed, it is the case that we don’t do a good or satisfactory enough job of educating our youth from a young age of the value of health and wellness, and the ways they should be going about prizing it .

But that can be changed – and it certainly doesn’t require the knowledge of a rocket scientist to change it . Instead, it’s simply a cultural correction that needs to be put in place. Indeed, there are ways of changing the curriculum in some schools to ensure that useful information about health and wellness are incorporated into the curriculum in a satisfactory way.

Moreover, there are ways that we can get the attention of young people outside the confines of academic settings; and more broadly, outside of schools and classrooms. The way to go about this is my ensuring there is a proper communications plan that seeks to advance this important message and narrative to educate the populace of the importance of health and wellness. So let’s discuss various ways of doing that and accomplishing that goal.

  1. An Influencer Driven Campaign and Movement: There should be a carefully crafted and designated influencer campaign that seeks to curate those influencers that truly have the eyes and ears, and attention of young people. This should be broken down further in various ways, across the following lines.
  2. Faith: There should be influencers across all faiths. Such a movement should be absolutely indiscriminate.
  3. Ethnicity: Consistent with an indiscriminate position, it should be across all ethnicities and creeds.