Health Advice for the Masses

Helen Schifter is someone who is very passionate about the need for a movement that seeks to educate the public about the value of health and wellness. There is indeed a void that remains unfilled concerning the value of health and wellness among the general public. There is not an adequate appreciation for health and wellness that exists more generally among the public. Frankly, this is an issue that begins with the very top. Those that are respected, admired and even in some cases emulated, deserve to be aware of the fact that they have audiences who listen to them – and how important what they say can have – in terms of impact.

According to Helen Schifter and others, these webs and networks of influencers should be harnessed and leveraged for the purpose of constructive informational narratives. For instance, it’s important that their followers recognize the importance of health and wellness. And while many of those followers are not going to be inclined to listen to an academic, professor or instructor, they will in fact certainly be inclined to listen to a social media influencer.

The ways that a social media influencer captures the attention of their followers is far different than the way the average instructor does. It’s more effective for a number and variety of reasons. One must understand why that’s the case, to get to the core and source of this point – and to better understand and internalize their value that they present and pose to society concerning this important topic.

Some of these influencers are Hollywood actors; some are models; some are athletes and others are authors. There are all sorts of influencers. Ultimately, the definition of an influencer is someone who wields a certain amount of influence with their respective following and audience. So where they get that influence from is truly irrelevant insofar as it pertains to the impact that their words, messages and narratives they transmit to their followers, have.

So why not a movement that seeks to use these influencers’ platforms for good? Let them be the first to go about educating and enlightening their respective audiences of their need to prize their health over all else? Let them promote the value of fitness, running and eating in a healthier manner. They can also share that this healthy style of living doesn’t have to be viewed as dull or bland. On the contrary, it can be very interested and exciting in the way it’s shared and so that it captivates the attention of their followers in such a way that they decide to heed their advice.

The Coronavirus pandemic provides in some ways the most opportune of moments to begin such a movement. There needs to be a healthy and constructive dialogue and discourse stimulated revolving around these important issues. May they begin sooner rather than later. There are lives that can literally be saved. And others, who have their lives at stake. This is not hyperbole; nor is it exaggeration.