SIx Healthy habits to teach your kids

Let’s face it 2020 made us reevaluate our hygiene and how well or not well did it. With the outbreak of Covid-19 handwashing was advertised everywhere. Hand sanitizer was placed at every corner in stores and we were made to cover our mouths with face masks to flatten the curve, we are encouraged to eat healthier foods as well as take vitamins to boost our immune system. So how do you implicate healthy habits to someone so being healthy just comes natural? You teach them at a young age. Parents we know having kids you probably have your hands full with all that having kids bring. But with teaching your kids something you can actually reteach yourself. Below are some healthy habits to teach your kids for a healthier world. 

Healthy eating

We know that it may be a struggle trying to get your child to want to eat healthy foods. I mean in a world of burgers and pizza what child is going to want to choose vegetables over that? Many parents are taking the organic and gluten free route. Celebrity Kourtney Kardashian has gone on record that she only gives her children organic foods due to the nasty chemicals and sugars that are put in a lot of food. Now that almost everything can be made organic or gluten free there are a lot of different options in foods. For instance you can get organic baby food or organic flour for baking. Try and look for just organic foods and introduce them to your child. 


Along with a healthy eating lifestyle, kids need an adequate amount of nutrition that help with brain development and supports healthy bones. There are many multivitamins for children that you can look into for your precious child. Always consult with your child’s primary doctor before trying a new product.


We know that getting your kid to have perfect hygiene is something that is going to be a challenge in itself but teaching them the importance of good hygiene is essential for a healthy life. Kids don’t automatically know to wash their hands or how long to brush their teeth or even to bathe everyday. For teeth brushing we recommend to give them a toothbrush that makes noise or sings.

For bathing you should add some fun toys to the bathtub to keep your child interested. Child friendly bubble baths are always a good way to keep your child interested.


It is recommended that a child gets around 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night. But we all know and can relate the stresses of trying to get your child to sleep at a decent healthy hour. So how can we get our children to be more agreeable to go to sleep? Consistency is key. Children are often more agreeable once they have a normal routine. Getting them to start this might be a little difficult but will be good for them in the long run. For example set a 8pm bedtime and stick to it. Sure later on you can let them go to sleep later on at night but for now make sure it is set daily. 

Buy curtains for their room. Making it darker will be easier for them to go to sleep especially if you live in an area that gets darker later. A night light will also help them if they are afraid of the dark, and you can find different night light designs to their liking.

These are just some ways of implementing a healthier life for your children again we under that parenting is a full time job. But it is always a great way to teach you and your children healthy habits.