Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Trumps All Else

Helen Lee Schifter is active on the social circuit and passionate about many causes related to fighting for the betterment of the world. One of the many causes and passions closest to Schifter’s heart is that of health and wellness. According to her and to many other analysts in a commercial and even social context, there is not enough appreciation for mental and emotional health and the important role it plays in shaping a person’s overall health. This is true especially if you consider anxieties that have been gripping people worldwide in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Consider the amount stress can have a devastating and very damaging toll on someone’s life and physical health. It  can manifest itself in a myriad of different ways; and one needs to be conscious of this. 

According to Schifter there is too much of a focus on other matters and pursuits especially in the world of commerce, that leads people to oversee the value that one’s emotional and mental health should be having in their lives. These issues should be discussed in ways that are cogent and comprehensible to the average person. They need to be digested accordingly. And they need to be internalized; so that people begin practicing and leading lives that provide them not only more meaning, but also lives filled with health and wellness at the forefront of the activities and engagements they are involved in. 

Helen Lee Schifter recognizes that there are career pursuits and professionally driven people who are not necessarily deliberate in neglecting their health – neither their physical, emotional nor mental health. This is an important fact to consider in the way that this message should effectively be massaged to ensure when communicated to audiences in public forums, it’s not viewed as being critical. It’s important that people understand that this message is meant to empower them in their daily activities to ensure they are taking upon themselves the measures they need to , to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

People need to consider a multitude of different variables and factors in order to be able to complete a lifestyle filled with health and wellness. Firstly of course, is the directly physical aspect; such as one’s dietary habits. The obesity epidemic in the United States is a prime example of why we all need to be conscious of what we eat; and recognize that there is merit and truth to the saying that “you are what you eat.” 

And of course, ensuring your diet is balanced and healthy as possible, does not mean that you need to compromise on the quality of the food you eat or the cuisines you seek to appreciate. There are many vegetarian, pescatarian and even meat options that can be chosen from that are nonetheless healthy. Among them are options and selections that have a substantial amount of protein, a healthy amount of carbohydrates and more. But nonetheless, these options are low on cholesterol and other ingredients that people need to be sure to stay away from or at the least minimize, in terms of their prevalence in one’s diet. 

Helen Lee Schifter is a leader in this space insofar as she has been leading the way in communicating the need to ensure that one incorporates as many healthy factors and variables into one’s life. This doesn’t just ensure healthier dietary habits. Instead, it  also includes the commitment to a fitness and training regimen that is regular and consistent – and ensures one is keeping a steady commitment to one’s fitness obligations and requirements. There’s no substitute for one’s physical health. But Schifter has also been consistent in emphasizing the need to appreciate and value emotional and mental health at the same time. And this message is resonating with people nationwide and even on a global and international basis. Schifter’s writings have been published on Thrive Global, Medium and a slew of other well-read and well-respected blogs. 

There needs to be a movement that seeks to educate people (especially our nation’s youth) about the importance of ensuring a healthier lifestyle is something they decide to prioritize in their daily and weekly routine. This is a fact that cannot be lost sight of, to anyone reading this post or in the general public. It  is in the public interest to also ensure that our nation’s citizens are healthier all around. The expenses that taxpayers incur based on healthcare expenses that are emergency-related because of an unhealthy build-up among some, is astronomically high. Instead, let’s start educating and informing people of the need to engage in a healthier lifestyle as early and soon as possible. It’s not too late. At least not yet.